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  1. Britney's New Era (B10+)

    She just needs to promote more. Even in Vegas she has PLENTY of time to promote. It all comes down to actually doing it, if she wants. If anything, Vegas gave her a lot of free time, but she's not using that free time for promotion or anything else. She rather spend time with her family, and that's fine, but why bother releasing something and calling it your baby, to not really show you care for it? I just don't get it.
  2. Britney only has a few months left in Vegas, and her show wraps in Vegas. We're all wondering if she will tour worldwide, or just bring a new show to Vegas? Let's just talk worse case scenario. If she brings a new Vegas show, will it even be worth it? She's not releasing many singles off of her recent albums. There's not much to promote, and she does seem bored of her old song and performance (who wouldn't be?) So if she doesn't do a world tour, I feel that her team will keep milking the old songs. Glory was a masterpiece, and it quickly disappeared. And BJ also had the same single release. Have we reached an ending point of her career now? I mean honestly, what can she do now, if she doesn't go on a world tour? And clearly she won't be doing the Super Bowl, right? And may I also add that she hasn't done any recent relief charity events like other celebs. She's just totally out of the whole scene.
  3. Have We Reached the end of her Career?

    Didn't she do well with Asia, though?
  4. Have We Reached the end of her Career?

    What break? Not to be rude, but the Vegas thing has to be the easiest thing. She performs 3x a week for a month (12 shows), and then goes on break for one/two months. I already know that she will be going on break. Fe said to me that even if she continues a new Vegas show, it will take 4-8 months to plan.