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  1. Brad Adamson

    socialney Makeup works wonders!!! This left me shook.

    The fact that you’ve done this is so gross
  2. Well she did say in interviews she missed just singing and would be focusing on her voice but she seemed to find what direction she wanted to take it when she started the Danja/JR sessions in summer 2006
  3. Brad Adamson

    Favorite Mariah Carey album?

    E=mc2 is the one for me
  4. Brad Adamson

    other Just post an interview here

    I would love her to be this articulate in interviews again. I honestly don’t know what happened to this side of her
  5. Brad Adamson

    other What would you name a Britney men's fragrance?

    You got there before me!
  6. Brad Adamson

    news 'Liberation' Sold Out

    I’m happy there’s been a bit of a resurgence for her but if an Xtina CD has sold out in one week in 2018 the only the thing that says to me is there wasn’t that many to begin with