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  1. It was so difficult to choose some songs over others. Showed me how amazing she discography is and how much I really love her music. I’ve got a lot of old hems to rediscover.
  2. Not that tired ass opening night footage. Wigney must stay dead and buried forever!
  3. Loving the no bra look on her. She looks Ah-Mazing!
  4. I’m so nervous to meet Britney.

    Just be yourself and be mindful of not making her feel uncomfortable. Don’t be awkward or say anything inappropriate or stupid, like definitely don’t say anything that you would find here, like asking about the original Make Me video or Rebellion. And remember that it’s more important to you than it is to her. Britney meets hundreds of people a week, so keep it special to yourself, but let her know that she inspires you or something like that. Just don’t gush or go overboard. And remember to have a great time and enjoy the entire experience. Also, make a thread about it, and share.
  5. I really hope that they have great plans to still release a BluRay or something. I don’t care that I’ve seen thousands of YouTube and insta videos. I still really like POM.
  6. Where the f**k is Michael Jackson, and why is he not at number one?
  7. Why did Taylor copy Britney?

    I can’t believe that Britney invented everything. What a flawless and truly innovative Queen!
  8. I didn’t even notice. How fierce.
  9. Britney: Piece of Me 18/10/2017

    I love how she can make 60,000 outfits from one pair of VS bra and panties. What a fashion forward innovative Queen.
  10. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

    Back when POM first started people used to call it Small My Farts cuz she would always face away from the audience when doing it.
  11. It's the POM hour

    Is there a show tonight??
  12. How old is "too old" for dating?

    I wasn't saying that you were any specific age, i was merely giving an example.
  13. Jordan, can we get a iOS Exhale App?

    I'd buy an app if it's good quality and worth the pennies.
  14. Nintendo Switch

    I gotta get that new Super Nintendo Classic, it's the business!
  15. How old is "too old" for dating?

    I think any age is still good for dating. As long as you have a good and exciting connection with the individual, age doesn't matter. Fussing over age is something that silly teenagers and twenty-somethings obsess over on Facebook, it's really no big deal. As long as you're not too old to actively relate to one another, it's cool. If you're 45 and like a 24 year old, what's the big deal? Get that young D honey!
  16. New Britney Shirt

    I'm not liking the black color of the shirt, but the picture is super cute. I'd buy it if it were pink or blue.
  17. This is a really cool idea, i hope that the cafe staff dresses up in iconic Britney costumes. And you know that they'll be playing her music non-stop, so this is awesome!
  18. I'm turning into a Camila Cabello stan!! She's gonna be HUGE

    I gotta admit, that outfit IS totally cute though.
  19. TEI SHI mentionned BRITNEY in her last music video

    I thought it was someone misspelling Tinashe.