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  1. This is why she needs to go back to Light Brown Hair

    Literally looks like 1998 with a solid 10 years. She looks so youthful and beautiful. I do miss her old nose/face sometimes.
  2. Much needed appreciation thread for....

    Every second of that iconic album is worthy of a Nobel Piece Prize.
  3. #Information

  4. CIRCUS Officially Sold 7 Million

    When will Glory??
  5. Now That I Found You could be a hit single

    I’ll always been waiting and watching for a third single. I’m some ways I’m sure I’ll always be waiting... The Holy Spearit works (bitch) in mysterious ways Me too sis. And I’m waiting for the third single. And I’m already working on waiting for the third single from B10.
  6. Songs Like Work Bitch?

    I haven’t heard anything that sounds quite like it. It’s a very original sounding song. I think thats the main reason it has such a high replay value, it’s so unique.
  7. It is a very Britney song. I’m sure that’s what she was going for.
  8. Is Britney Fake?

    I think Insta Momney is the real Britney.
  9. how much do britney's dancers get paid?

    Yeah, Willie Gomez danced for her on the Circus Tour. But he had a shaved head before.
  10. She knows how to play guitar?
  11. how much do britney's dancers get paid?

    I think they’re paid decently. Seeing as they were/are with her for the duration of POM and I’m assuming the tour, they should get a pretty penny for it.