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    other The life of a Britney fan: various stages of meltdown

    It’s so true.
  2. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other Dear Britney Spears TAKE f**king NOTES!

    I’m cool with her going KPop for some remixes but not a full single. She should release an EP with each song exploring new styles she’s never played with in her music.
  3. MissSpearsSaysSo

    music Can we get another half of WB that she cut out?

    NOOOOOOO!! The tremors from the meltdowns are too much, Exhell is breaking apart!!
  4. Here we go, folks. I hope there’s enough life rafts for all of us.
  5. Till the world ends at that one night club was pretty dope.
  6. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other Britney Featuring Panic! At The Disco?

    I’ve been impatiently waiting in line for this?!? I’ll take it.
  7. MissSpearsSaysSo

    exhale Tastin on mah Apple pie...

    The interwebz is an interesting and wonderful place for sure. I grew a lot today. I am no longer the same I was before logging on. Thanks internet gawdz, you rock the spots...
  8. MissSpearsSaysSo

    exhale Tastin on mah Apple pie...

    This place needs to die.
  9. In ever-predictable BritTard fashion, yes, yes I still do. Kinda...
  10. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other Britney Featuring Panic! At The Disco?

    I’m already in pre-meltdown mode. Bitches will try to beat me to th meltdown finish line, but they will fail in a fantastic fashion.
  11. MissSpearsSaysSo

    socialney Paris Hilton (And Rapper Lil Xan) Stan Britney

    I swear, if Britney ever has one of these bullshit pu$$y “rappers” in her music, I’ll loose major respect for her.
  12. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other Three UK posted this about Britney

    Does this actually mean anything?
  13. This is so cute it’s making my Internal organs melt out of my anus.
  14. I having a meltdown already. I feel like the week is almost half over and we haven’t heard a single peep from Spears Corp, like at all. They surely would have said something by now. Right????........................ help
  15. Granny Smith, Golden Delicious or Gala are the best. I work in a bakery so I know what’s up.
  16. How do tabloids even stay running with all of the obvious lies and bullshit they publish? It’s ridiculous.
  17. This place is sending me clit-first into advanced stage Alzheimer’s.
  18. MissSpearsSaysSo

    music What you felt when you listened X for the first time

    When I heard Toxic for the first time it was electric to me. I thought that I’d heard nothing like it before and still haven’t. It’s an incredibly unique song and that’s why it’s still so great today. It’s timeless.
  19. MissSpearsSaysSo


    Cuz she’s Britney, bitch!