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  1. Why is everybody here so anti Vegas residency?

    I would love a new residency. Clearly she’s loving being in one place, so I don’t mind it.
  2. Britney: Piece Of Me Ending Party (Official Thread)

    Sluts gotta be ready, this is not a drill!!
  3. Umm ...can someone explain?

    I was only speaking about her vocal talents. That’s the main focus of her songs, so that’s how I’ll jusge her. Her voice is not a good one to listen to. Where’s her range?
  4. Britney's singing on Instagram unpitched?

    It’s a bit off, but she sounds GREAT! Hopefully she sings something live during these last few POM shows. But we’ll have to wait and see, and we all know how that goes.
  5. Umm ...can someone explain?

    No thanks. She a talentless hack. She should have stayed with that girl group.
  6. Taylor Swift working on a Slave 4 U remake

    No thanks. That’s a pop classic, she should not cover it. But If she does, it will undoubtably bring a lot of attention to Britney’s Original. That would be cool.
  7. My Only Wish (This Year) Update

    Slay, second queen of Christmas!
  8. Britney, wtf girl?

    This is literally from 5,000 years ago. Let it die already.
  9. Career regrets?

    Scrapped videos.
  10. Next album major smash or artist driven?

    I ultimately want it to be a major pop dance, And although I do want it to have depth an emotional lyrics, I’m cool with another pop smash.
  11. is my only wish this year becoming a christmas classic?

    It definitely would have been bigger and gained more notoriety if it had a memorable video and some performances. Now it’s too late. And that’s a total shame cuz it’s such a bop!
  12. Should Britney have background singers as dancers?

    As long as she has a life band and background singers on tour, it’s cool but not as dancers.
  13. Britney fans, what's your top 3 female pop stars?

    1 - Britney 2 - Gaga 3 - Madonna/Katy/some other popular bitch