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  1. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other REVIVAL: Britney sings so GOOD!

    I’d actually love a show where she just sits on a stool real casual and just sings her slower more melodic songs. That would be the best gift ever.
  2. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other How could they do this to me!?

    That’s what I do, babe. Gotta keep it hood for all the kidZ.
  3. MissSpearsSaysSo

    exhale While you guys focus on all these rumors of a New single

    So is it a pitbull’s song, or Britney’s with them two as the featured?
  4. Are we still meltdowning, or is that not a thing anymore? This place is too much to keep up with sometimes. Sooo... yeet, whatever kites are saying these days. I dunno. Britney, save us, maw-muh!
  5. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other Harry Styles asked about favorite Britney Spears song

    He such a sexy devil. And his album is amazeballz!
  6. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other How could they do this to me!?

    Could she Be anymore gorgeous? Like seriously, she’s giving Calabasis Stepford wife realness. She can make you a ham and turkey club with iced mineral water from France for lunch, and f**k You for dinner. She slays me. My tiny gay heart can’t take it anymore.
  7. June 29th seems like it’s going to be the date.
  8. Slay me, mother of opulence, slay me.
  9. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other What would you name a Britney men's fragrance?

    I’ve given up hope that she will ever have a male oriented fragrance. It just won’t werk.
  10. MissSpearsSaysSo

    music Should B10 be titled Godney?

    No thank you.
  11. 500K? Okay, I see that the Cardi B effect is in full force.
  12. Do more fans buy over streaming? I usually buy several copies of the physical CD, then stream like 24/7 cut I want it to have a fighting chance at a good charting position. I always buy the lead single on iTunes too. I cannot wait until there’s a confirmation of an album release date. That’s the most exciting time of an era especially if you have a really good lead single and video. And this is a big one. Ten studio albums is no joke, and it being her 20 year anniversary is a huge moment in her career. I really hope that they play her big anniversary right, a super bowl performance is the perfect way to lead into a new residency. And she can slay it out of the park.
  13. I think Apple Pie and/or tree is real, Team B is just shitting themselves about releasing it.
  14. If Britney and her team didn’t treat her career so poorly, maybe we’d be happier and all, then we wouldn’t get so worked up about every little rumor.