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  1. she was good in asia

    I was so happy that she did shows in Asia. Makes me more hopeful that she may do a short tour for B10. We can hope.
  2. As long as she's doesn't lip to Missy Elliot or Sia again, I'd be cool with it.
  3. Question About POM Since the Asian Tour?

    She stopped doing it, now she does like half a back flip. It's dumb. Mama does front flips at the beach, so we all know that she's very capable.
  4. What happened to the Vietnam Fan Made Store?

    OMG, I've bought so much its hard to keep track. But I'm first started buying singles and stuff that didn't have actual physical releases. Like the Radar 2008, Criminal, S&M, TTWE Remix, Tom's Diner, and all that. Also a lot of concert DVD' like Oops, Onyx, Circus Tours. He has everything. Even Onyx on bluray, Apple Music fest, POM 1 & 2.0 DVDs. He literally has everything a Britney collector could want. And it's all very good quality, just like a real official factory pressed release from her team/label. A bit pricey, but amazing.
  5. Y'all favorite Circus bonus track?

    Trouble is FAB. there's an awesome fan made mashup that has Get Together from Madonna. It's good enough to be official.
  6. Why is Me Against the Music not loved?

    Its a great song, and having Madonna on it is FAB, but to me, it's the weakest out of all her lead singles. Amazing video though.
  7. Love her TRL performances! Oops was my fave though.
  8. None of the new pop stars is a legend

    Maybe JLo, and Gaga eventually.
  9. What happened to the Vietnam Fan Made Store?

    His proucucts are the best available online, and I've been a loyal customer of his for over 2 years. They are amazing quality.
  10. Watching Britney Ever After ri8ght now

    I actually enjoyed it, in an ashamed kind of way. I've probably watched it 5 or 6 times. I can only watch it when I'm bombed out of my mind.
  11. Britneys on stage alter ego

  12. other fanbases can't say britney is flop

    Britney is doing well considering the state of the music industry and how downloads and streaming have literally killed everything.
  13. Songs in foreign languages?

    Does Britney have any songs or singles that she made alternative versions with other languages? Kind of like K Pop stars making English versions of their songs. I'd love to hear Toxic in Japanese.