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  1. Controversial: A Cover Version For #B10 Lead Single

    I agree, a good sample of a very well known pop song is a better idea. If she did it right, that would get her on the media/GP Radar in a big way. I wouldn’t favor a cover for a lead single, but it wouldn’t be terrible. Perhaps as a later single or an album track.
  2. Why does Wendy hate Britney?

    Totally, it’s no biggie. I watch Wendy like every day, and she does like Britney. She throws shade at everyone, it’s her job. She tells it like it is and like Britney. She’s said so herself.
  3. What featured artist(s) would you want on B10

    I hope that we don’t get any more collabs this time around. Let’s have an era without them for a change. I’m kinda sick of them, we haven’t had a solo single since Perfume. But if I had to choose, I’d be cool with JB. Or maybe Gaga, those would be instant bops and would top the charts. Team B would obviously use a big collab as the first single, but for the sake of hearing Britney solo for a change, an assisted track should be saved for the second single.
  4. Unreleased Elvis Outfit HBO Pic

    Those flawless days where she was on top and literally everywhere!! My tiny gay heart can’t take it!!
  5. I think it weird that this fashion deal was planned out for months, but she didn’t have a Paris POM date yet. I dunno, it’s just strange that she’d be representing the brand, but not have a show there with the initial announcement. Team B logic.
  6. Will Kenzo influence her Tour outfits?

    I certainly hope so. There’s literally a 7 month gap between the last POM show and the new tour, she has no excuse whatsoever not to have completely new costumes. EMPHASIS ON COSTUMES. Like real ones. Kenzo could have B wearing some fly s--t like form flattering pieces, jeans and cute crop tops, gowns and some actually beautiful one pieces a la The Blonds style maybe. But we all know what’s probably gonna happen. It’s it’s gonna be the meltdown that no one remembers, cuz it’s finally gonna kill us...
  7. Britney Spears Shadow

    All of this stuff was literally forever ago, I don’t think their best pals but I don’t think they hate each other. They may even talk every once in a while. Who knows, this fued is fan made and needs to stop. Just focus on the music, because they both have amazing music. Especially Britney.
  8. BURNS is working on B10?

    I think at least a new buzz single will be on its way by summer. That seems quite apparent to me. I’d love if she released an EP this year, like 5 great quality songs with a couple carefully chosen singles with standout videos before a brand new album era next year to celebrate her big 20 year anniversary.
  9. Glory PEAKED AT NUMBER 1 on iTunes

    I bought 12 Deluxe Edition CDs at 12 different stores and it still wasn’t enough!!
  10. Glory PEAKED AT NUMBER 1 on iTunes

    Thriller 2.0? Gurl, take it easy.
  11. Glory PEAKED AT NUMBER 1 on iTunes

    There totally is. I remember when I bought my Blackout CD from bestbuy the day it came out. I was so excited my hand was shaking as I put it in my player. It was amazing.
  12. Glory PEAKED AT NUMBER 1 on iTunes

    I still buy Britney’s CDs and singles when she had them. I also go to Target and buy CDs from my faves, I’m a dinosaur.
  13. That’s album cover material!
  14. Exactly, she’s perfect. All of the ugly Kuntz will deal with this scientificly varifiable fact. Me any my pu$$y believe it, and so should everyone else. That is all.
  15. When will she release the first single off B10?

    I hope that she’ll release a new standalone single or something before the tour. Then an album later in the year/early 2019.