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  1. I'd actually be okay with this. It would be weird AF, but it would be very cool.
  2. It a mix of CGI and composites of recorded imagery from a model. The creation of a good hologram, like the MJ at the BBMAs is a VERY slow process and a performance of a single song like that takes sometimes up to 6 months. So think about how long it would take an entire show, years. Though it is worth noting that a Selena hologram world tour has been in the works for the last several years.
  3. Man that game fucking rocks!!
  4. Britney became popular during the post 80's era when pop stars were literally everything. much like Asian pop stars, "Idols" were the it thing of the moment for years. She was huge because it was what people were craving, especially during the golden days of the pre-9/11 days of the millennials.
  5. Gotta go with Indica, myself. My body effects are so much more enjoyable.
  6. I don't believe that she sings live much at all. And if she does, her mic volume is so low, that we can barely hear her over the over powering backing track.
  7. Don't we all?
  8. Obviously it's Soda Pop. or Breathe On Me is pretty sexy too.
  9. This place is a mess...
  10. I've heard a lot of good stuff about VIP, cant wait to buy it.
  11. Britney is clearly a very intelligent woman, she not dumb at all. People don't give her enough credit. I mess up my words and think off of the top of my mind all the time. Being put on the spot in interviews and such can be tough.
  12. Britney was one of the first young artists to really take advantage of the internet to gain success. Now she's floundering in the social media age because her team is using outdated tactics to promote/sell her. She, more so than anyone should be at The forefront of cutting edge media and promo.
  13. What kind of flawlessly honest queen??!? I'm such a FLAWP for ever doubting her!!
  14. Lipping is illegal in HK, britney is going to get arrested.