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  1. Britney's Reimagined Piece Of Me Setlist: Exclusive

    Hope it's dessert performance 2.0... Because I don't like it and was expecting more new songs
  2. Till Godney's Slayage Ends Is So Underrated

    I swear that era could have been bigger if Drop Dead Beautoful was the 4th single and not Criminal. We could have had 4 top 10 hits from 1 album. People want dance hits from Britney, not mid tempos or ballads....
  3. What I'm telling myself now, incase she really isn't going to be the headliner 
  4. Britney new instagram pic!

    This means the album is ready!!! She is fishing right before the beginning of a new era!! OMFG!!!! 
  5. Which choreography is Britney's best?

    Me Against the Music, Boom Boom, and Slave 4 U
  6. Britney Spears is WW trend on twitter right now!

    She's #1 on Facebook too!!! Get that Promo girl!!! By dancing to Adele! lol
  7. This makes me sad....

    My thoughts exactly... The only logical statement to tell that BeyHive.
  8. You guys people are buying music again

    Nah it has to do with marketing and promotion and social media.... Music doesn't have to be good. 
  9. Britney has a big announcement

    I doubt it! You guys need to stop. Don't believe people if they don't any credible sources or evidence. How many times does this fanbase have to go through this every time... Besides after people started questioning him about how he knows, he set his account to private... 
  10. I might have cared a little bit if she was the freakshow slave.... But its like meh... Nothing to freak out about, she just sat their to watch the show... Nothing major happened
  11. I like the Vegas era sns

    I do to don't worry. I don't mind if she stays in Vegas and releases a new album as long as she properly promotes it and maybe do a handful of shows in major cities in US. 
  12. DJ Mustard Says New Britney Song Is "Coming Soon"

    Same here! Wish rest of the fan base thought more realistically TBH... Stop taking everyone's opinion as truth and wait for the finished product to judge. Of course every producer is going to say the song they produced is going to be a big hit! 
  13. Didn't IGGY say the same thing about Pretty Girls.... I'm gonna take every producers word with a grain of salt until I hear the actual song... Don't like people who like to toot their own horns... 
  14. DJ Mustard Says New Britney Song Is "Coming Soon"

    I think December 
  15. Is this Charli XCX Singing some demo for B9?

    Lol.. Should have rephrased what I said... If it is a Britney Demo... Hope this isn't the sound she goes for... Far from being a hater... Why don't you try to have a discussion with someone before you start throwing names and labels