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  1. Nah we were strong in 2011... Then the 2013 GMA desert fiasco happened and it all went down from their.. BH has never been the same since.. I haven't been the same since lol... Ive learned not to expect anything big from our girl anymore.. It mean its not a bad thing but i just don't have high expectations of her anymore or from her team to be more precise.. I just wait for things to happen to be excited..
  2. Omfg! You are an amazing dancer!!! Everything is spot on!! Even the costumes!!! Wow!! Way better than Derrick Berry!!!!! You need to come to Chicago!! To Roscoes here in Boystown!!!
  3. MTE... People stirring sh!t up for no reason
  4. Britney's Reimagined Piece Of Me Setlist: Exclusive

    Hope it's dessert performance 2.0... Because I don't like it and was expecting more new songs
  5. Britney Spears Destroys Lives With Sexxxy New Videos

    What is she planning!! ERA 9 is going to be amazing!!!!
  6. Britney Spears Destroys Lives With Sexxxy New Videos

    Omfg!!!! What is going on?!
  7. It would have been a great single. One of my favorites from Cicrus. It even charted when the album first came out. That tells you that GP loved the song and it would have been a hit. I remember hearing it on the radio too.
  8. Britney Spears Adding "Breathe On Me" To Piece Of Me

    I hope this means touch of my hand is added too!
  9. Till Godney's Slayage Ends Is So Underrated

    I swear that era could have been bigger if Drop Dead Beautoful was the 4thsingle and not Criminal. We could have had 4 top 10 hits from 1 album. People want dance hits from Britney, not mid tempos or ballads....
  10. What I'm telling myself now,incase she really isn't going to be the headliner
  11. Britney new instagram pic!

    This means the album is ready!!! She is fishing right before the beginning of a new era!! OMFG!!!!
  12. Which choreography is Britney's best?

    Me Against the Music, Boom Boom, and Slave 4 U
  13. Britney Spears is WW trend on twitter right now!

    She's #1 on Facebook too!!! Get that Promo girl!!! By dancing to Adele! lol
  14. This makes me sad....

    My thoughts exactly... The only logical statement to tell that BeyHive.
  15. You guys people are buying music again

    Nah it has to do with marketing and promotion and social media.... Music doesn't have to be good.