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  1. The REAL reason why Britney isn't as successful anymore

    I don´t think that the collabs are a problem, she needs these to gather younger fans or even get their attention. Period. Desperate move, but with the right songs and videos/performances and created buzz it could have worked. It did not, because obviously she and her team effed up almost everything they could have saved with these moves. Furthermore not only the general public can´t relate to her image anymore. She herself does not relate to herself as the big popstar, whereas strutting her bare ass on stage without showing any more talents than hand movements and zumba seems to be fine for her. Can´t wrap my head around that seriously.... She is dojng it for the money and because she does not know what to do with her time, now the kids are older and have own hobbies, she can´t fall back to the dangerous lifestyle she had in her 20s, there is not much left for her to do. Especially since her brand is tainted by everything that happened during and after blackout new interesting time consuming agreements outside the being onstage business are impossible to acquire. All that is left is her legacy, her old songs she can´t relate to in any sense (What is the meaning of XY song on carpool, answer I don´t know) and she will ride on that until she is finally over everything that has to do with her Britney persona onstage.