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  1. Selena Gomez is the new Britney.

    Haha you talking about Selena fans being delusional, when the Britney you admire so much is dead. All we have is POMney, share some love for new talents who care about their artistry and fans. They are the future of the next generation and I'm okay with Selena being a role model for her fans, no matter how deserved her fame is.
  2. Queen of fusioning dancestyles Guess it should have been a chestpop (canĀ“t find better gif)
  3. Exclusive: No, Britney Spears Is NOT Leaving RCA For Columbia Records

    As long as you are one of the main selling artist that is sure true, but Britney isn't and therefore they cut her budget. Plus difficulties that lead to re shoot whole videos.... That's like stabbing your own sugar daddy, you know.
  4. Trisha impersonates Britney on The Tonight show.

    she does not have anyone who could have made a real skit with her playing the host?.... Girl is lonely
  5. Britney X Factor Looks - Appreciation Thread

    she looked mature, something I am missing these days. You can look mature and hot without showing bare skin, 2017/18ney take notes.