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    Guess the problem was Britney getting the attention and Christina being the more talented (voice, had quite good dancing skills in her early years, but cut it for singing purpose, co wrote songs on her first album, etc) I always believed Christina was jealous because she was and kinda still is hands on with her music and vision for eras (I mean I'm still waiting for a stripped from Britney, pure perfection) but still was always number two after Britney. She must have felt betrayed of her star power, because she was too late in the business. Britney knew that and I seriously think she was not that nice either, shoving it down Christina's throat that no matter how good she sings she belongs on that second spot. There was always that undertone when they talked about each other on interviews, you knew they weren't on good terms especially during the 2000-2004. All speculation though.
  2. Will she ever perform Not A Girl again?

    when she gets a little girl and she performs it for her
  3. who would blame her? With Britneys reputation I would half ass too and yet it seemed to have been enough for team Brit. That is the scary part.
  4. "I'm getting little labels made... like the couch Flo Rida bought, the house that David Guetta bought... thanks Britney for this umm... window treatment."
  5. Haha it would have been a comment like Sia made about perfume. The earnings of perfume paid for a window, the earnings of titanium the rest of the house. No less detected though XD
  6. As long as she doesn't get more serious with her career in okay with blonde. Even though she goes back to brown, she always went back to blond a few months later even when she was pregnant and she was not performing.
  7. What do you think of this shirt?

    yeah sure and the photo of britney in an ambulance wagon with a psychic grin wouöd be perfect for what kind of tagline? irony off
  8. Blasphemy: Kesha Says Her Early Dance-Pop Music Days Were "Silly"

    I think she lived for the lyrics and then her label came in and brought producers that gave her heavy bass and pop production, whereas Kesha was rather going for another direction when writing the music. That is what I like about rainbow the most, lyrically and sonically the songs make sense as if the writer was able to tell the producer how it should sound.
  9. Christina Aguilera Breaks The Internet With NSFL Photos In The Bathtub

    Why? Just why? I mean Britney is the epitomy of randomness but this....