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  1. Lady Gaga from the fame is that you?
  2. Everybody saying she dances better/worse than Britney, know what?? she actually feels the effing song XD
  3. The dvd is retouched as hell I'm quite sure
  4. The break is so unnecessary as the song already has a break.
  5. As a private person you can't use copyrighted music, no matter if the label uploaded it on YouTube or vevo. You can only share the videos with the music that has been uploaded by the label then. And yeah not uploading an album officially on YouTube is a bit backwards.
  6. Haha endlich kann ich mein Deutsch raus lassen :p
  7. I just got hungry by looking how unhealthy she looks in that video
  8. Thank you, for not being a Stan that doesn't allow himself to like songs from other artists. Sure songs like make me and invitation and for me personally also better and just love me (that lack of many things though) are good and the first two are my faves. But as you said her voice for me has become so undefined in many songs through layering and auto tune that I sometimes wish these songs would not have wasted on somebody who can't sing the registers these songs require without help of a computer. Gaga sounds so raw.
  9. I wouldn't have thought that anyone here really gets his facts straight and praises glory songs in reference to the cure. But I have to say that the cure is a quite good song that is not innovative but also not generally mainstream and therefore it fits Gaga perfectly. Apart from Britney you can see the development in Gaga's voice with every song and album which leaves me in awe every time she pulls off something new. And yes I'm praising Gaga for this surprise release and performing it straight away on coachella, that's marketing and wanting to get out music to the fans because of the passion for it. Last, I truly do not think that every song on glory shits on the cure, as with every song there's something missing or too much on that album. Whereas the cure is so balanced it really leaves me not wanting anything to be changed. Hate and not a Britney fan posts incoming oO