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  1. On 07/02/2017 at 4:22 AM, spreadmywings said:

    i feel like this is karma. Nature doesn't sleep. Who hunts and kills for pleasure deserves no good. They probably already cause pain and death to dozens of innocent defendless beings but I wish it happened to her stepfather who is the big hunter and is teaching a kid how to kill, he was the one who deserved to get injury not Maddie.

    Fuck off.

  2. Beautiful. Both Lana and Father John Misty are carrying their new music with such gravitas.

    This photo reminds me of cultism. It feels like a Benedict Canyon tale. I wonder if that's what Lana is going for given her experience with sects and the breach of privacy she has fallen victim to lately. If that's the case I can see why she chose Father John Misty. Plus it was one of the key motifs for Ultraviolence. I've always liked the idea of her exploring this theme more. 

    I like the sepia wash but I hope she plays around with some color for Freak too. It's a sexy psychedelic sedative and I feel like it should be represented like that. Lots of cool-tinted luminescent palettes bleeding into one another.