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    John0164 reacted to puppylo16 in New outtake from Mark Liddell (2008)   
    She is a huge fan of D&G, like consistently throughout her career she wears their designs when she wants to be fashioney. Why can’t team b have funds to hire them?
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    John0164 reacted to Dark.Knight in New outtake from Mark Liddell (2008)   
    now you can see her in Vegas doing a South park special

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    John0164 reacted to STARTWINK in Anyone seen this article yet? Britney to open gym with Sam   
    Get that money Steroid 
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    John0164 reacted to Mrs. Rhythmless Nation in Anyone seen this article yet? Britney to open gym with Sam   
    Wouldn't be surprised. She's always been an athletic person. She needs to release a workout dvd. I think people will eat it up. Anyway, as long as she doesn't try to open a dance studio, she'll be fine.
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    John0164 reacted to falka in Piece of Me 20/10/17   
      Shouldn't all be like this? 
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    John0164 reacted to Spearsfan in Piece of Me 20/10/17   
    This is the truth.
    ppl think the last show will be great, I think it will be her worst one. She will probably be rushing to finish and get away from work 
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    John0164 reacted to Cappycorn87 in Pink Comments on Britney   
    The c*ck eyed bastard called her simple which was unnecessary
    He needs to understand that every female artist he meets is not going to be over the top and interested in being close with him
    Alot of folks appeared on his show that were not cut for it but they still got on
    He just hurt that he did not get the type of reaction and response out of Britney
    LOL @ him acting acting like he turned down Britney, more like Britney would never do a show like that
    He has said afterwards that he would love to have Britney as a guest
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    John0164 reacted to Cappycorn87 in Pink Comments on Britney   
    That little c*ck eyed bastard
    He's so unlikable and will never go as far Ryan Secrest(someone he's jealous of)
    He's a fan and he's always asking question about her
    His feelings were hurt that Britney had no interest in being a friend to him and was not impressed by his humor
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    John0164 reacted to lustwecantcontrol in Pink Comments on Britney   
    Honestly Pink's music hasn't impressed me really for the past 11 years minus Sober, The Truth About Love was absolutely horrible and all she does now is boring/generic adult contemporary! She's like the even more boring version of Kelly Clarkson!
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    John0164 reacted to Britneysfreak in Jordan posts fake meet and greet photo on Instagram   
    He was clearly stepping on a stair. Nothing in that pic looks photoshopped.
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    John0164 reacted to breatheheavy in Jordan posts fake meet and greet photo on Instagram   
    People still pressed about this photo 10 years later  
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    John0164 reacted to britbitch94 in Jordan posts fake meet and greet photo on Instagram   
    Ugh she looks so rough. I wish she would just stop smoking and stay out of the sun. I love her, but she's aging far from well
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    John0164 reacted to It'sSamB!tch in Watch Fifth Harmony Slither Around In Pink Latex During “He Like That” Performance On Jimmy Kimmel Live   
    I never liked them and they are soooo sexualizing every single thing. I don't care about some skin and such but this was just painful to watch!
    They looked like they were in their 40s being real stiff walking around in those ugly slutty costumes. hence even POM has better costumes lmao.
    No this was just an attempt to mislead you from the flat vocals. They have sounded much better than this.....
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    John0164 reacted to SlayOut in Britney and her hands   
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    John0164 reacted to Goku in Britney and her hands   
    it's really sad to see her like this.
    life can be so cruel, she lost confidence, self-movement and the connection to music 
    i'm not shady, just sad 
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    John0164 reacted to car in Britney and her hands   
    Wait this one especially..WTF. Cause she's just walking over and this hand thing is happening...
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    John0164 reacted to PokemonSpears in Britney and her hands   
    I think it's a combination of everything. She's clearly very nervous/anxious in some dates, and that's when the rapid movements increase, not only the hands, but also the mid-crouchings, the head-tiltings, the hair-shakings, it used to be also the blinking, etc.
    I've always noticed that when she decides to improvise, whether it's because she forgot the next move, or she just decided to do another thing instead, it's like that takes her out of balance, because it was not rehearsed, and then she doesn't know how to go back to the choreographed routine, so she starts doing these spasmodic movements, as you say, to fill the gaps, because she feels uncomfortable just standing there, doing nothing but moving her lips. If she sang live or at least along with the playback, that would keep her head busy, so if she misses a move, she would still have "something to do" with the vocals, and it would feel more natural to skip the moves every once in a while. Also, the latest years it's like she has too much energy, she started to do the moves BEFORE it was time, like the MATM endind, etc.
    At the beginning of the BBMA 2016 performance, we have a perfect example of how nervous she was at the beginning of WB, not just by her face, but the whole body language, as the performance went on she loosened up.
    Now an interesting question would be what makes her so anxious or nervous to begin with, after more than 200 shows. I don't know if it's something that comes from within her for whatever issues she may have, or if the audience has something to do as well, if they're too serious, or too intense, or they're all with their phones, or walking away, or walking in, I don't know, or she knows she hasn't rehearsed enough.
    A very bad analogy, but for example, my whole student life I had to present in front of the class, till my last semester in college, and most presentations made me very nervous and insecure, but then there were a few exceptions were I was totally confident, and it was always in front of the same classmates, the same teachers, almost the same topics, and the thing is I was never able to predict how the presentation was going to be. Like, the first time I was confident presenting in front of the class, I was like, yas! I've conquered that, but the next time I was totally nervous again, so it was like, "why am I like this? " So who knows what happens to Britney 
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    John0164 reacted to OnMyMiNd04 in Britney and her hands   
    I think Britney thinks moving her hands keeps her looking "busy" on stage lol.
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    John0164 reacted to GrotesqueDiva in Underrated Legendary VMA moment - Britney, Christina, Whitney & Eminem/Dr Dre   
    Britney and christinna togheter again, 20 years later:

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    John0164 reacted to Pinky98 in Underrated Legendary VMA moment - Britney, Christina, Whitney & Eminem/Dr Dre   
    I would LOVE it if Britney and Eminem did a collab this year/next year. I feel like that would do so well for Britney's career! Lead single for B10 maybe?...
    Having a Christina and Iggy diss in Eminem's diss would certainly create a lot of talk too 
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    John0164 reacted to AndrejBLV in Underrated Legendary VMA moment - Britney, Christina, Whitney & Eminem/Dr Dre   
    Very true. Can you imagine that they are married and have kids!? Haha! They would be like white Beyonce and Jay Z. Just a little bit trashier 
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    John0164 reacted to Brichney. in Underrated Legendary VMA moment - Britney, Christina, Whitney & Eminem/Dr Dre   
    Yes, and they know each other as people. That actress that played Mimi in Crossroads worked with Eminem on his movie 8 Miles, and she said that she was scared he might mock her for working with Britney because he always "disses" Britney on his tracks, but when she told him that, he told her that he thinks Britney is sweet and he doesn't really diss her on his songs, more of a fun thing, he doesn't mean it. Something like that. Britney and Eminem know each other as people, and he even said he had a crush on her in one of his songs.  
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    John0164 reacted to PokemonSpears in Underrated Legendary VMA moment - Britney, Christina, Whitney & Eminem/Dr Dre   
    because they basically snub all the good artists or "older" artists and just focus on these new wave of singers that came out of nowhere in the past couple of years
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    John0164 reacted to Gayseus911 in Nicki Minaj Never Said "I Made Female Rappers Mainstream"   
    Okay Nicki we get it, now make a hit 
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    John0164 reacted to IUSAtonight in Joe Jonas Is Officially Off The Market   
    Ikr. i thought it was cute that the couple posted the same photo but then i saw Nick's post and it got a little weird ngl