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  1. 28 minutes ago, sea3chel said:

    I'm confused about the location of the camera, from the reflections in the mirror.. it makes it look like the camera is in the mirror.. ????

    Omg it is a double sided mirror! Looks like you can look into this room from another room!? Camera is behind the wall!

  2. 1 minute ago, GemmaTeller said:

    Im sorry but that isn't rape. It's like if someone keeps asking you if they can have your money or your favorite shirt or something and they ask and they ask and you never say no and you end up getting annoyed and just giving it to them you don't get to go the police and report it stolen. Same thing in this situation. That doesn't mean im siding with Melanie Martinez exactly,  or that I think people should try to pressure others into having sex with them, but people need to really take responsibility for themselves you cant cry rape just because you didn't handle a situation properly. Melanie sounds like an asshole but bad personality doesnt equate to rape. 


    There we go!!!! Right!

  3. 11 minutes ago, CrAzAY said:

    "Convinced me to smoke weed" "started giggling" "I didn't scream at her and I didn't  force her off me" 

    Girl, what? Shove that little bitch off you. And don't sleep in her bed after she's already made a pass at you. And don't fucking smoke if you don't want to. 

    The things that have been coming out lately are horrible and disgusting but this situation could have been avoided. 

    Yea that was NOT rape 

  4. Iiii always thought she shaved her head because her fusion extensions and overly bleached and then re colored and processed hair needed a fresh start. One rumor back then was that her friend told somebody in the hair salon that she went to that Britney just got new extensions and they were way too tight on her scalp and she wanted them OFF:wigsnatched:but it’s also scary that’s she brought so much attention to the fact that she did it and also that she went and got a tattoo right after. Wonder if she thinks about that night when she looks at that tat.

  5. As a nicki Stan I’m happy with this shoot! It’s cool how they stunt double and make it look like she is chillin with her-selves! Should have used that for her album booklet and shoot but maybe she has a better idea for that! I agree she doesn’t have enough music to back her up atm she really should have put out a mixtape last year or early this year AND a new album ! Her features were top notch but I want moaerrrrr