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  1. 58 minutes ago, Hungry Hun said:

    Not that I dont like her face now cause she's a beatiful woman, but if she somehow get to fix what she did to her mouth and stop smoking she would look/feel totally fresh. Smoking just ruins the skin, plus can lead to some low health status or even worse :sickofu:

    Her energy gives me  goosebumps sometimes, you can see she feels the beat coming from her vajayjay all over the rest of her body but it doesnt look good cause the choreos are kinda terrible and also cause she reduced them to the bare minimum  :idkney:

    Geit it together Brit :whitney:


  2. 11 minutes ago, Gayseus911 said:

    I'm so proud of Kylie jenner, she came a long way from reality TV to music :mcry:

    Kylie really wishes she had bebe vocals and writing talents.. and persona/personality. But she don't. She hides behind superficial things like butt/boob jobs/ fillers and makeup. That's all she has. No real artistry or creativity.  .  .or looks to be honest.. it's all fabricated for her .!

  3. Congrats Kesha u FINALLY released your album! Whoop we love u and recognize your talent... but this is nothing SPECIAL .. little boring!! Bebe, and many more are going for this type of look/performance with BETTER live vocals. I'm just the voice of the GP and I'm already over it. Kesha go back to gritty dark pop. You'll do well there.. this is like Joanne part 2!! Wish u farewell!!! Ps: she look like the male rif raf. Why did she do "fun stuff" to her face!? Anybody who down votes me f**k off cuz u have ur opinions and I have mine and I was NOT hating just voicin an opinion. If you scare everybody off by down voting their voice then you will have nothing but a club full of mindless losers who think the same!!!:outwithit:

  4. I think part 2 is actually a great ending. I know we wish we could get part 1 rehashed into another slew of songs but part 2 is the rest of the full album and I just think it's OK! Her lyrics really go with my life at 24 and I am literally living in her lyrics as we speak. U go bebe!! Trying different things. Can't wait for the next real full album!!! 

  5. 2 hours ago, Zeik89 said:

    Gotta be honest. Was really feeling Kesha's return, bought her song on iTunes, and kinda wish I didn't see this interview. Can't quite describe why, but it's off-putting somehow. Glad she is free and making music again though.

    Kesha sat down for a full out 30min + interview.! When would brit? (Or somebody "unhealthy") I respect your opinion I really do but did you even watch the whole thing? I've always kind of liked Kesha and that's about it but this interview showed me that I really like her as a person and she shined a lot of positive light on her situation. She was honest and well spoken!! So who knows.. maybe you're the one who's "off kilter"