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  1. I was doing Britney’s pics in faceapp and they look better then the one you did. I was gonna make a thread with some of her newest pics filtered in face app but didn’t want stans to pitch fork me. We will leave her face be. Like she needs to do. 







  2. 1 hour ago, WithoutAMap said:



    OMG she's going to release DENIM Fantasy for Men along with the Kenzo AD (Two secret projects together) 



    Wow DENIM FANTASY... that’s a pretty freaking good idea... keep the fantasy concept but put studs on a denim blue bottle and make the scent sporty yet a bit feminin at the same time and her male fans would eat it up. Love that name. 

  3. Britney loved the PCD and their life style, remember the controversial pics we have of her with strippers at a club? She was about dat LYFE!!!! I was happy she got them as her Opening act for circus tour because it just really fit her brand and all that...

  4. My baby is sooo touching! It’s also VERY britney, I’m shocked her fans don’t love it more. Her falsetto vocals #slayed ( I know people think the lyrics are cringe but new born babies have a certain smell to their breath and I’m sure in britneys heart she was totally in love with her baby, to even love the smell of their cute breath) not something to bop to but damn it was nice to include it on an album and I relate to the song very much with my puppy. He’s my baby and I love the smell of his puppy breath. He’s my baby boo.