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  1. Ongoing Debate. Is Britney blonde or brunette in Oops video?

    I’m rolling my eyes at some of the “professionals “ in here.. using BOX dye as a form of receipts makes me laughhhhh
  2. It so weird I was watching do something before this post a week or so ago and thought the same thing.. the moves are very piece of me and her expressions are always currentny.. but I think that’s the REAL Britney little quirky and crazy and she choreographed it so it’s very much her!
  3. LOl this is what I imaged when I read the op. Britney would sound ace in music with the drums and other strings
  4. Secret project?

    The album is coming bookmark it!
  5. Massive slayage right here

    I was there sitting by her kids they were BABIES and she knocked the popcorn right in front of them and Lynne