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  1. Britney lyrics for a neon sign?

    She looks like perfection here. Better then prime this is like a perfected “primeney”
  2. Britney lyrics for a neon sign?

    YES after this it really skyrocketed in the LA world and beyond... like everything britney comes up with! Lol
  3. Britney lyrics for a neon sign?

    -It’s been a while- -oh baby baby- -dreaming a mile a minute- -get it -get it - -home late, it’s ok- -kill the lights- -I got your crazy- -love me down-
  4. I want IT so bad!

    She DID That!!!!!!!!!!!! Her body is amaze now but back then she had a bubble butt and toned stomach at the same time. Now She’s shaped a bit more square ...
  5. FACEAPPney

    I was doing Britney’s pics in faceapp and they look better then the one you did. I was gonna make a thread with some of her newest pics filtered in face app but didn’t want stans to pitch fork me. We will leave her face be. Like she needs to do.
  6. Wow DENIM FANTASY... that’s a pretty freaking good idea... keep the fantasy concept but put studs on a denim blue bottle and make the scent sporty yet a bit feminin at the same time and her male fans would eat it up. Love that name.
  7. This was punkd with Ashton Kutcher punking britney lol
  8. I can't stop laughing at this picture

    The random leaves inside it?