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  1. The truth is touring, promo, press is all super hard on a person... She's probably making so much money from her fashion line it doesn't make sense to reunite.
  2. "It's like opening the gates to heaven"

    I understand she set the bar for herself, but we're all so hard on the girl who worked her ass off for most of her youth Even if she's wasting some of her potential right now, at least if she's happy I'm happy for her
  3. Thank god she didn’t do cheek fillers!

    Britney most definitely got fillers (most likely cheeks, too) during the Intimates Frozen-ney tour, and we're seeing the repercussions of them right now because she's looking so sunken and hollow in the face.
  4. Ummm is this a Macklemore song, tho? This sh!t is so bad, wtf It's No. 6 on iTunes right now.. I mean, Bey might not carry a single but isn't Eminem a huge seller lately? Their names combined should have easily thrown (or held? when was this released) a no.1 iTunes by now