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  1. In her kitchen... constantly chopping next to her range apparently
  2. Actually didn't know this. Had always heard (and assumed) that Rockstar was about Justin here and there, but now that I google'd Fred + Brit I think you're right.
  3. A "swish" is a perfect shot in basketball that doesn't even touch the rim - just goes right through the basket.
  4. There's like 3 delusional twelve year olds that said that tbh
  5. Document the incident immediately incase its an ongoing issue.
  6. Ironic title considering her new material is anything but
  7. I don't personally mind it, tho.. They're two very complementary tracks. The Answer does enough to set it apart from Slave, rather than just sounding like a Slave rehash (like Oops! and Baby, Toxic and Gasoline, Drop Dead and basically any Danja track from Blackout, etc...)
  8. I don't like Issues at all I don't get the appeal But I think Julia's a talented songwriter nonetheless