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  1. She was absolutely radiant here.
  2. And yet JLO went out and PERFORMED them, even 10 years later still works the stage and audience like a true entertainer. While Britney still mimes hers with a little walk here and knee tap there. It’s cute, funky, and cool.
  3. Show me the receipts where I call her an amazing vocalist. If me saying J.Lo sings live is me saying she’s a better vocalist then ok you can think that. also I never once claimed J.Lo was a better performer during Britney’s prime. She is however a better performer now because Britney doesn’t give a sh!t and hasn’t for half her career. What does this have to do with Ashanti or anyone else? This thread is about JLO. I have stayed on topic this whole entire thread. What’s your point? Yes all those girls are amazing dancers but have nothing to do with J.Lo and Britney. I am merely stating the fact that J.Lo gives a crap about her career and her craft and Britney simply does not. That is the point. You can disagree and that’s fine but it’s the truth.
  4. We could go back and forth constantly with unlimited videos of both BRITNEY and J.Lo singing live terribly and sometimes good. I mean is that really what we are going to compare here? Because one artist hasn’t sang any of her songs live in over 10 years while the other continues to work and grow her craft. I don’t see a point here at all.
  5. Would you?! She got to hang with the living legend and see her in a way we wish we could. I’d blab my ass off until the day I died tbh lol
  6. Because she isn’t or because you think it’s obvious she is? the general public disagrees with the second half
  7. No. If BRITNEY didn’t give up on the record. But this wasnt even as bad as Alien... neither of them are strong vocalist though. I like you so I won’t be a d*ck.
  8. Since when did iTunes for a half a day count as a number one? do a quick search hunty. It’ll save you the fake news you keep putting out. J.Lo has more successes then Britney could dream of (if she even dreamed of more career wise) the general public doesn’t think of J.Lo as a washed up pop star. She’s a woman in charge of her own empire, writes her own music, her own tv show, multiple clothing lines deals with actual department stores. Just like Britney though, her music did better when pop music was at its peak. If you think for one second Britney is a competitor in today’s music you’re officially a britard. People aside from her fan base are not streaming her music. musically I love and jam out to Britney’s music way more then I do J.Lo but I’m sorry, I’m not gonna say she’s a better performer when I’ve seen the two (current as of this year) perform live. J.Lo hands down had more interaction (which could literally be a smile at the audience since Britney doesn’t even look at her dancers or the audience), visuals, costumes, hair, and her list of songs for the most part were ones everyone knew. I don’t know her Spanish material. I don’t get why everyone here wants to bash someone with talent. Britney doesn’t care so why do you?
  9. EXACTLY! Thank you. We only wish Britney cared half as much as J.Lo does about her career. So many threads dedicated to “what Britney should do to stay relevant” but when other artists are actually successful after 20 years in the business they’re considered an “attention whore” so many bitter britards.
  10. You literally described current Britney. I’ve seen J.Lo TWICE live and Britney three times. J.Lo, IN person not on tv put on a way better show with better outfits, dancing, hair and make up, AND SINGING then Britney did at POM. She lacks stamina? Yet she has three times the dance breaks then Britney has had since POM started. I just can’t with you dissing someone’s voice live when Britney doesn’t even sing live. You fail. now shut up already about J.Lo not singing live.
  11. Britney has had 11 top ten singles (us) J.Lo has had 10 top ten singles (us) I’d hardly call this “has had more.” Just because you’re not a fan of J.Lo doesn’t mean other people can’t see and respect her artistry. The delusion you have is crazy. I can’t tell if you’re serious or trolling.
  12. The only time we needed pitched vocals

    Holy crap it sounded just like non femme fatal Britney!
  13. Enough hits to have her Vegas residency, earned best show in Vegas, multiple awards, and the list goes on. You literally cannot sit there and bash Jlo for her lack of musical input or choreo when Britney barely even sung on HER own album and walks from point a to point b. Like, she can’t even properly perform same tired choreo anymore! The delusion! Like do you not even read what you write out??
  14. What is your point? So what if she sounds terrible sometimes. Did you forget all the clips of Britney singing live? Or do you need a face slap of receipts?
  15. I’ve been apart of this board for almost 10 years. I’m not going to no JLO board. I didn’t just randomly bring her up. It’s a thread created by the admin of this website, if you have an issue with the truth and you’re so butt hurt about it log out or report the thread. Im a fan of Britney, always have been but I’m not gonna sit here and be “oh Britney reigns supreme” not with her knee tapping, lip syncing, and lack of drive. Britney sings just as bad live that’s not even something any Britney fan should shade other singers about. So go back to bumping “happy birthday” and cry me a river because I can’t handle your delusion.
  16. The point is she’s been in the game as long as Britney and she hasn’t decided to give up half way through. She has been consistent in her performances and actually promotes her work. I can’t at some of you saying she can’t sing or she can’t dance when J.Lo sings live and dances her ass off. All of which Britney hasn’t done for over 10 years. You’re delusional as heck if you think because her music isn’t as good that she isn’t as talented if not more than currentney.
  17. Um no. Jlo has professionally been performing since 1991 on In Living Color. I’ve seen her twice and she has not once put on a bad show. You’re delusional.