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  1. She got a standing ovation from Janet Jackson

    this was terrible...
  2. Worst interview look (video)

    Her mouth is just... I’m sorry I can’t with it. I wish she’d stop but whatever.
  3. And then after her speech she’ll walk ahead of everyone else on stage to get off as quick as she can and then go home.
  4. When has Britney ever in her career gave a heart felt real speech that wasn’t online or in an album booklet? im pretty sure we all know what we’re getting.
  5. I didn’t know who we was until I saw him skating. His booty is out of this world. I’m a fan now.
  6. Rare 2004ney photos. (Around October)

    It’s Jordan Pruitt https://www.google.com/search?q=&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CYogyB_1xmm27IkBUwN9IemaU73aa-DuUHlen3QffdGDtEqUq-Q-LwPN6ax4Z-938Sw-icl6q1uxTX45mvHLoq-Qu55aM8buYgkKZKhIJVMDfSHpmlO8R0TuVb6sQ2QwqEgl2mvg7lB5XpxEIODytNl2PpioSCd0H33Rg7RKlEZxt8r8-TvuXKhIJKvkPi8DzemsRZozLKu0w-zwqEgkeGfvd_1EsPohHlqwmJMPx3GSoSCXJeqtbsU1-OEZOAMSDW6bMyKhIJZrxy6KvkLucRdygBZWQ9NGUqEgmWjPG7mIJCmREmqKxEVLQoFg%3D%3D&tbo=u&ved=0ahUKEwiqgZeTuKzZAhWM24MKHRS8ACIQrnYIHg
  7. Iggy Making Fun of Brit?

    I didn’t pick up on any shade at all. She even said at the end she “is hilarious.” I hate how people build someone up then tear them down. Everyone did it with Britney so why are we doing it to Iggy here? She had some fun bops.