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  1. billyjb26

    exhale Which Era had the best Costumes.

    Is that really true? I wasn't closely watching Britney back then but from what I've seen on YouTube, she killed MATM while wearing heels.
  2. billyjb26

    other Britney'team needs to sue these people

    What the actual f**k? Her kids?? That's just wrong. Honestly I hope she never even sees this, it's too horrible.
  3. billyjb26

    other What is Britney's most iconic line?

    Unpopular opinion but I'm pretty sure it's "Oops I Did It Again." I see it on the internet all the time, even in news articles that have nothing to do with Britney. "Oops, she did it again!" is a classic line that has stood the test of time 18 years later. "It's Britney, bitch" has faded in popularity because Britney herself has faded in popularity.
  4. LOL she looks so southern. I love it
  5. billyjb26

    What's the last Britney song you listened to?

    Stronger, it's on my motivation playlist
  6. Expecting plenty of songs about sex, an uptempo track as lead single, and only one more single after that. Also expecting Britney and her team to f**k up the promo again somehow.
  7. billyjb26

    other say what you want but this photo is sad.

    Well, yeah. Crappy make up, tanning and poor skin care, and seriously altering the shape of her smile will do that. Doesn't really have anything to do with aging. It's not too late for her to go back, I think. She needs to stop the plastic surgery and tanning, start taking care of her skin, and hire a professional makeup artist for these events. Anyway, Britney is who she is and will do what she wants. You can either accept that or log off.