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  1. can someone link me to the most HQ versions of the pics we have so far?
  2. don't know what the hell that is but im honestly so curious to see the real unedited versions...
  3. Call Me By Your Name & Britney Parallels

    @Buslim lulz
  4. I love clumsy

    Basically this. Also, if she's gonna go full on generic pop with empty lyrics, she could do much better than Clumsy. It's not bad and I can bop to it, but its not great either by Britney standards.
  5. well its both but yeah, she's highly edited lol i'd love to see the originals just for reference
  6. true but its no different than any other photoshoot for a major designer. even if the model looks flawless, they still edit the pictures to high hell.