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  1. Killing endangered species for sport is fucking vile behaviour and he's a heartless, sexist piece of sh!t. I exaggerated wishing death on him but I wouldn't care if he did die. I'd preserve an animal's life in a second over his. No comment on Britney and her family's hunting tendencies. I disagree with it, but that's what comes from being raised in backwoods Louisiana.
  2. Idgaf about what tweets he likes, but I hope he gets shot, skinned and then stuffed and put on display. Fuckin tool.
  3. BOMTney shirt at Urban Outfitters

    The Hot Topic 'Britney' era shirt is still the best one yet. So glad I bought one before they ran out. http://www.hottopic.com/product/britney-spears-album-cover-t-shirt/10404358.html
  4. Will Britney age decently like...

    I dunno. Britney is SUCH a beautiful girl even to this day with all the terrible fillers and injections, but sometimes she literally looks 50-60 y.o. Often, actually. It's a combination of several factors, but it's a shame when you consider that she's still quite naturally pretty.
  5. Did Make Me mv ruin Glory era?

    I don't think I'd go as far as to say it ruined the era, since there are several other things that went wrong before and after the video. But it certainly fucked up what little momentum she had going for her.
  6. The sad thing is, it's gotten to a point that not even all this would change anything. Like you said, people have moved on. Their opinions on Britney are beyond solidified - it basically doesn't matter what she does from here on out.
  7. The key is

    Britney should get pregnant and record music once Vegas ends. I think she's passionate about those 2 things right now more than anything else - growing her family and making music. Performing and celebrity just don't bring out the same passion in her. Blackout was the last album she recorded pregnant. Think about that.
  8. All jokes aside, there's literally a 0.00000001% chance of that happening. Seriously. Even if she somehow managed to produce a timeless, flawless, innovative track like Toxic (which is unlikely), the chances of it catching on with radio and the streaming public are slim to none. Surely you all know this deep down. If she has another WB sized hit, that would be a pleasant surprise. Good music please, Britney. That is all I ask of and expect of you now. Please. It's asking so little. Come through for me.