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  1. lmfao proof or it didn't happen
  2. not everyone grows at the same rate. you're right, britney hasn't always given a s--t but i think she's experienced more personal growth and become more enlightened later in her life than maybe most, and thats probably a result of being exposed to more ppl and stories. thats how ppl change, with real life exposure. what you see as completely disingenuous and fake, i dont see that way at all. i'll agree to disagree and leave it at that. britney isn't eloquent whatsoever when she speaks and says things that sound simple-minded all the time. she's not malicious and people know that.
  3. i can do HIAM! i guess it depends on the timbre/pitch of your voice
  4. lol stronger is the hardest britney track for me to sing as a guy
  5. i get your point, but did it occur to you that maybe she identifies more with LGBT ppl on a personal level? there's a reason a lot of us gravitate towards her and sympathize with her personal struggles. it's not so farfetched to think she might actually feel a connection to us too. also, she'd still be getting that award with or without these recent tweets. even if her tweeting gay athletes is in fact strategic, i wouldn't take it as some underhanded publicity stunt, i'd see it as her supporting a community she probably feels very connected to at this point in her life. how many gay ppl do you think she's met who have credited her with saving their lives or helping them through depression and suicidal thoughts? probably a s--t ton. thats got to have an effect on you at some point. you should try not being SOOOO cynical with all your opinions. even if she's targeting the gay athletes, there is likely some genuine emotion and love there too. think about it.
  6. Will she ever perform Not A Girl again?

    i would be sooo happy if she did, provided it was live. embrace the cheese, britney.
  7. I remember they milked the f*ck out of the HIAM teasers, i was excited af but the hype alone made the finished product a little underwhelming when it FINALLY did drop. i still like some aspects of the video though.
  8. How I Roll Appreciation Thread

    i had an amazing carpool karaoke sesh to this song on a road trip recently...i took my moms car and forgot that i had left my old britney cd's in there and listened to FF front to back. HIR is def a highlight.
  9. the olympics are happening now, figure skating is a major sport in the winter olympics, and she's stanning an athlete that's representing her country and winning medals. this literally describes at least half my friends on social media. it's not that deep. the fact that he's "openly gay" is so utterly unimportant, and jordan's journalistic decision to include that fact in this non-story is strange.