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  1. Cool! Her body looks amazing.
  2. Just keeping it real
  3. I'm a britard. I think. So I can't argue about this subject with you.
  4. I first saw him/her defending Shakira after SP video release. I think he/she is a pressed Shakira fan, let him/her be.
  5. She always outshines all her peers, imo.
  6. At the time I didn't admit to myself that BJ was bad....but I just couldn't get into it. I think Britney always leaves her mark on every song and most of BJ tracks lacked the Britney touch. I'm so thankful for Glory tbh.
  7. Personally I feel like Britney is more charismatic, I often heard people(non-fans, through time) say Britney has something special comparing to her peers, and I agree with those people. I love Jlo, but I think Britney is a better entertainer.
  8. I don't believe that she's not proud of it, I think their priorities in life are different. Jlo is very driven.
  9. Exactly, I'm just glad I have good Britney music to listen to again! I was losing hope after BJ.... I don't even like pop music, I only like Britney's because her voice (inexplicably) gives me positive energy/life. Glory is still my top 3.
  10. wtf you think it's better than pom? Britney dances way harder this imo.
  11. I definitely agree about Clumsy It's such a cute song....So fun.
  12. I'm high and I fell in love with Blackout all over again

    And I think Perfect Lover and Ooh Ooh Baby are my favorites now. She sounds so heavenly on Ooh Ooh Baby oh my god. 

  13. Glory is amazing and I really don't care if she promotes or not as long as she releases good music like Glory.