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  1. I feel like simplicity was the best way to go because nothing shocks people anymore anyway. I really liked the performance.
  2. Is it just me or she touches her hair less often now?
  3. It's weird I didn't like Toxic at the time, but the video and the performances made me fall in love with it. You know how some people think "Clumsy" sounds low quality and stuff, I felt that way about Toxic the first time I heard ITZ. lol Now it's my favorite song.
  4. question about Mood Ring's lyrics

    I thought she's talking about an actual moodring. When body heats up, it gets lighter, like blue, doesn't it? At least that's what I heard. I heard it turns dark when the body is cold.
  5. Is Myah ALSO on Hold It Against Me?

    No, not Scary. don't ruin it for me
  6. Vote your favorite lead single!

    Make Me, the song, deserves to be the third though. I can't decide between Gimme more and Slave, I just can't.
  7. I've never seen this before Ten million dollar smile indeed. She's so cute.
  8. You got: Nicole Richie You are Paris Hilton's trusty sidekick and BFF. That's hot!
  9. Can someone send me a download link or something? This link won't open, I've been trying to get it to play for days now...
  10. No Britney in...

    I live in Istanbul, and they opened one recently, they have Beyonce but no sign of Britney.
  11. What book has touched you the most?