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  1. chin job, eye brow lift, nose job, facial sculpt, fillers (face/lips), botox or do you mean recently?
  2. she should sing this softly more often. she's always wailing.
  3. what are you guys on?
  4. you don't have to tear beyonce down to deal with britney's mediocrity. if you really want to compare, there are plenty of other pop stars that can out dance both britney and beyonce (even in their prime).
  5. ---

    music VXZ - Suggest a Song Title!

    she should cover xanadu by olivia newton john
  6. ---

    music Look at your YouTube subscriptions.

    it's the new video with pitbull. her new album will be pitbull x britney.
  7. the only thing confirmed is the one thing people don't want.
  8. ---

    news Dude spills tea about Anerican Idol and X-Factor

    so many accessories...
  9. it's more like her team want us to stop going to her shows and stop buying her music