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  1. 1 hour ago, Dripping For Britney said:

    This is actually my cousin Jennifer. She's a fucking little bitch. She has always been an Xtuna stan and she's always hated both me and Britney. She set this up just to make me angry. I cried for a year. All those girls that she calls her friends? Paid extras. This isn't even her house it's a set. FAKE FAKE FAKE. She's not a stan now because she wasn't a stan then. She works as a kindergarten teacher in Utah and writes comeback songs for Christina in her spare time. I haven't spoken to her in 8 years since her affair with my uncle, can't believe she got him before I did :kyliecry::kyliecry::kyliecry::kyliecry:


  2. To me DWAD is her best tour to date. It had everything. Amazing production, the costumes were on point, she had fire and passion stage, and the water during the BOMT performance? HELLO!!!! Iconic


    Her passion and fire on stage was on a whole other level. Like Michael Jackson/Madonna had a baby level. She wasn’t giving 100%. She was giving 150% on stage every night. You can look at rare videos of this tour on YouTube right now, and you won’t find a single one where she isn’t giving her all. 








    Your faves could never