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  1. This pic forever ICONIC

    Exactly. This is iconic
  2. GIF needed

  3. Poor Xtina fans. The struggle is real.
  4. OIDIA -NEW Teens React yt channel video

    Yes and Genie In a Bottle comes on and first comment is ”I’m getting a Britney vibe from this”
  5. Primeney didn't need tacky costumes and stage props to bring down the house. Her energy and dancing skills were enough.
  6. Britney as Regina George

    I think Christina would be the Regina George of the group
  7. OIDIA -NEW Teens React yt channel video

    Omg these fucking videos always makes me feel about 100
  8. Part 2 of Primeney dancing to her current music

    These videos are slaying my life and making me miss old Britney even more