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  1. The outfits weren't have been so bad if

    The leotards are usually the hideous looking outfits
  2. this performance has more choreo than whole POM

    This has more choreography than the past 10 years of Britney’s career
  3. Holy trinity in my room

    The only holy trinity i know By the way, love those posters. Im jelly
  4. Have you watched this again?

    Ugh that movie
  5. Is it Britney speaking in "Change Your Mind"?

    Like I said, the only part they sang together was the “yo soy loca” which IS Spanish, the rest is not. It’s giberish. Ask any Spanish speaking person and they will say the same.
  6. Is it Britney speaking in "Change Your Mind"?

    What did I say that was stupid? Enlighten me sis
  7. Is it Britney speaking in "Change Your Mind"?

    She was being silly. It wasn’t really any language. She was just making sounds to sound like Spanish. The only Spanish part was the “yo soy loca”. The rest was gibrish.
  8. The olympics is full of Britney stans
  9. Is it Britney speaking in "Change Your Mind"?

    Gurl, that wasn’t Spanish
  10. Much needed appreciation thread for....

    Such an underrated gem. Right up there with "I Run Away"
  11. CIRCUS Officially Sold 7 Million

    When will Britney Jean
  12. now, something like this Or this
  13. Let Me Bless Your Eyes

  14. Are you that delusional? Britney can literally kill someone and you will still find a way to defend her.
  15. Why doesn’t she use the original choreography?

    And my favorite ”I always sing live”