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  1. Is this Get Back CD single real?

    Titty pics? are you for real? I'm a guy. lol some newbies
  2. Is this Get Back CD single real?

    That insider was right about "Toy soldier", "Breathe on me" and about Blackout album cover and many more things. Do you still think that someone was using the Femme Fatale font (future) back in 2007? lol
  3. Is this Get Back CD single real?

    This thread on Popjustice with the picture is from 2007: http://forum.popjustice.com/threads/britney-spears-get-back.4707/ And according to one of the most reliable insiders of Popjustice: http://forum.popjustice.com/threads/britney-spears-get-back.4707/page-2#post-87608
  4. Is this Get Back CD single real?

    LMAO at the Femme Fatale font, did you know that this picture was posted in july 2007? 5 years before Femme Fatale era lol and they always send like 3 or 5 songs before they pick the official first single, do you know popjustice? they do reviews about that. And if you zoom the picture it's says: "The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Interscope Records... distributed exclusively by Polydor Ltd. (UK), a Universal Music Company"!
  5. Is this Get Back CD single real?

    Do you know that's illegall right? it' not than easy, you should remember all the chaos when sam lutfi stole and sold the Blackout demo-CD with 18 tracks and then x17 leak the demos. Actually TMZ posted an article during that time about someone trying to sell the song to the media. And actually an insider who was right many times befores confirms that the CD picture was real.
  6. Is this Get Back CD single real?

    Its real I remember that it was send to some radio station and some people for reviews, and actually when she was shooting GM on the street and X17 recorded a little clip of the song everyone was like "omg that's Get Back" exhale good days lol Newbies thinks everything is fake, I'm here since 2005, I know what I'm talking about baby.
  7. 1 Ed Sheeran 2 Bruno Mars 3 Drake 4 Kendrick Lamar 5 The Weeknd 6 The Chainsmokers 7 Justin Bieber 8 Future 9 Shawn Mendes 10 BTS 11 Coldplay 12 Lil Uzi Vert 13 Migos 14 Imagine Dragons 15 Ariana Grande 16 Guns N' Roses 17 Post Malone 18 U2 19 Rihanna 20 DJ Khaled 21 Khalid 22 J. Cole 23 Metallica 24 Halsey 25 Taylor Swift 26 Lady Gaga 27 Alessia Cara 28 Sam Hunt 29 Niall Horan 30 Rae Sremmurd 31 twenty one pilots 32 Big Sean 33 Kodak Black 34 Travis Scott 35 Selena Gomez
  8. Billboard TOP ARTISTS of 2017 List

    Wow why the little pics are so big here?