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  1. Oh my god this forum.... First of all... What you are saying is just WRONG. I am both a certified personal trainer and a dancer, and NOT EVERYONE make a bulking phase and a cutting one. I do NOT train that way nor do i recomend it. That way of training is old and dated as f**k. Second and last: You are trying to DEFEND Britney from being judged if she gets thicker???? She doesnt need your pity man. Ppl here try to defend her from everything. She is an adult. She doesnt need that. It is YOU (or US), who need to grow up and accept things for what they are instead of serching for mysterious reasons so that we can be convinced Britney is a goddess even if the signs show she is not. She is a HUMAN. She gained and lost weight her entire career. Her body responds that way and she likes to eat and fortunately, she allows herself to gain that weight and enjoy food and then lose it when she wants and feels like it.