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  1. Britney's satin dress cost only $25

    Queen of receiving gift and promoting it by having mini fashion show
  2. Britney's satin dress cost only $25

    She is not just wise, but she was growing up in a family that promoting modesty and balance. You can tell what person she really is according to the interviews eg: she might be a teacher if she wasn't a singer. That's why I really love her...
  3. Thoughts on Perfume?

    OMGGGG Agree with you!!
  4. Britney songs that sound EXACTLY the same.

  5. New Britney Sweatshirt at Forever21 (21MEN)

    Available worldwide?????
  6. She earned so many million billion but still rocking a $25 dress like a goddess. When will your faves? Trivia: That dress designed by Kourtney Kardashian lol https://me.popsugar.com/celebrity/Kourtney-Kardashian-Pretty-Little-Thing-Clothing-Line-44184778