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  1. This is the first time I see her in different style since I don't know maybe In The Zone?... LOL! Kween looking good!
  2. How can I get those body omgg gonna hit the gym tomorrow

    YESS I love ISBE tooo!!!!
  4. Anyone else worried about her face?

    Is it true that once you did the fun stuff, you will never get you old features back? (I'm talking about lip filler not surgery)
  5. OMG what did Halsey say about queen!!!!
  6. Best to Worst: Perfume Edition

    I'm a guy but I only wear Britney's perfumes. So my fav right now is Private Show I used to like Believe and Circus Fantasy and also Cosmic Radiance. I love sweet notes on me
  7. Britney lyrics for a neon sign?

    I thought it was digitally designed... what camera were team britney using to capture the image? so flawless
  8. OH NO I'M DYINGGGGG Please tomorrow come faster!!!!
  9. Britney lyrics for a neon sign?

    After so long just realized that the logo is actually a neon light set up omg