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  1. not another meltdown pls... everybody is reporting it though, so I'm waiting for the mainpage
  2. POM on the road again?

    the secret project
  3. Slumber Party Master Video?

    IF I had them, I would, but the only ones available are the blu-ray rips of the FF videos (including the HIAM directors cut), HIAM in pro-res and a re-encoded pro res of 3.
  4. It just needed a video like this one and it could have been the 2nd single. Imagine this with some beauty shots with some lighting background.
  5. Slumber Party Master Video?

    3 also, but it was slightly compressed.
  6. Slumber Party Master Video?

    Sorry, just WB and SP were available. Aside, these are also floating around:
  7. Slumber Party Master Video?

    It hasn't leaked yet, the trader posted these caps along the Pretty Girls and WB caps.
  8. The whole concept was never filmed/finished. The "insider" who told us all the concept was never confirmed and the only scenes shot were already leaked here: The inside photographer told us that these were the only scenes filmed when he was there. Also, pretty sure the blonde wig scenes were shot another day to complete the official video.
  9. She should sign for one more campaign, it would revive them after the Jenner fiasco.
  10. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    These two posts is what HIAM MV is all about. I love it TBH, I don't know why people hate it.
  11. Saw them posted a few days ago, but not in this quality:
  12. I know, I can't believe these are unretouched.