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  1. Not sure which shoot is it, but my guess is that it is from the Rolling Stone shoot by Peggy Sirotta
  2. Someone sent me this IDK if it's real though... you'll be the judge @where the ballers at? https://vocaroo.com/i/s1d7b9xCzTJk
  3. This, they failed BIG TIME with the cover and the tracklist was nothing but recycled tracks + the "radio mix¨of Criminal which is not that different from the album track.
  4. OFF TOPIC: Are these only available in the US? I´ve seen some people embedding these audios yet I can't play them.
  5. Better CYM Toy Soldier Get Naked Perfect Lover Breathe on Me Til Its Gone It Should Be Easy (don´t drag me for this one NNNN)