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  1. TBH I do believe she's not aware that the sound guy is not turning it loud enough and since she heards it clear enough on her ear piece, then she thinks she's doing overback.
  2. OMG this thread is going to be a mess, BUT, I mean, we have listened that her mic is on and she does sing over the track. I guess the volume goes way too low whenthe track is playing while they turned it completely when she's about to chat with the audience.
  3. NNNNNNN And yes, it was written for her but Britney was already done with Blackout by the time they sent it the demo.
  4. Better. The green bikini finally looked better than the weird leotard that they made after ditching the revasmped one, but it still wasn't flatterting to her body.
  5. Bangkok Taipei (almost full first segment)
  6. fact is, back in 2007 everybody was hating on that performance... you guys will never be happy
  7. Stripperney worked so damn well, if it wasn't for the whole MV/VMA performance, this era would have been successful.
  8. She released this 9 months ago... It has less than 20k The thing is, Britney's team decided to "promote" her by putting her on FF and since Britney didn't even know who she was she was just told to talk about it on interviews. "She's great, I wanted to collab with her for a long time".