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  1. Yahoo article about Britneys new face

    I dont get the drama?? She has aged, point. She did some changes to feel better with herself, point. People is still waiting for the young version of Britney. It's kinda sick.
  2. I will never understand why you guys give attention to this woman. She is a nobody and her oponion means nothing.
  3. Yes, she does look great and she does look like herself. If you don't like it, that's another question.
  4. They updated the official pagee: https://www.kenzo.com/en/home
  5. Some of the pics may look weird in MQ but when u see them in HQ they are so different. Love this one! Like it or not, she does look like herself!
  6. Of course the song is not Britney relatable. I can't even imagine a pop song with that beat.