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  1. FAKE



    Her name was etched in sorrow

    But now it’s blasted in lights

    With beauty that can blossom out of dark cold nights

    Her quest to find a brightness through her darkest day

    American dreams are built on words we dare not say


    American Dream American pie apple pie


    American Dream American pie apple pie



    Watch me smile and watch me slay

    Cuz I’m living for my true self everyday

    It’s not about your color gender or size

    But if we come together we can rise

    I came from nothing

    Made me wanna scream


    But I fought for my taste of the American Dream

    You could be a stripe and get in line

    Or be a star and not be defined


  2. 11 minutes ago, Sailor said:

    No idea. From what I heard so far, whoever ordered from her site started getting theirs or is on the the way. Haven't heard anything about the tour bundle copies though I'm hoping I see my copy on Friday. :wendycry:

    Also you redeemed it right? 

    Yeah i redeemed it, I almost didn’t because the email landed in my spam.

    but I’m hoping I get mine delivered on Friday. I’m ready to bump that album. 

  3. I’ve been a fan since the beginning and I could honestly say I like currentney more than circusney.

    circusney had the tricks, gimmicks, and promo to make her look epic but I think the fire in piece of me 2.0ney is better. She just needs the effort from her team and to be consistent.

  4. 29 minutes ago, BOBIBCFBG said:

    You are COMPLETELY missing the point of this whole topic lol but I'm not surprised so enjoy your show with the best quality production, designer costumes, groundbreaking choreography, glamorous hair and makeup, mind blowing energy, full set/stage/props, live singing, and genuine non-scripted crowd interaction!

    I've seen POM 4 times in vegas and im seeing it next month here in NY. and I will agree with you! The ticket prices do not justify the effort being put in by Britney and her team. I love Britney and am a huge fan which is why I go. I've enjoyed every show I attended because I love her music, I love being in her presence, I love the energy of the fans. I've been to so many concerts by other artists and when you look at it from the perspective of a complete show and what they are delivering - Britney's falls short. She does not sing LIVE. She doesn't take moments to chat with her fans and acknowledge them other than scripted lines. Choreo isn't sharp. Costumes and makeup are a mess. But moments like singing till the world ends while confetti falls on you, those are the moments I love. I've seen a lot of the pop girls in concert Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Ariana, Demi and they deliver!

    Like I said, you are paying for a name. To say I saw Britney Spears live in concert is what you're paying for because truthfully you won't be getting the best performer at the moment.



  5. I don’t get the hate for him. I feel like britney fans hate on him the most because britney actually took time to mention him.

    yes he’s pursuing a singing career, yes he models on the side, but he’s always respected britney. Never bad mouths her. So what if he has dreams of being more than just a back up dancer? It’s not like he’s even in the same genre or makes the same music as Britney to compete with her.

    i think the gays that do hate him are jealous he has the body and flaunts it. He’s hot, he’s talented but he also knows that the industry is tough so he’s taking advantage of his platform. He’s managed to create a following by being Britney’s dancer - good for him. I still don’t get the hate. Also where do you see that he’s mean and arrogant? Are you assuming that because he looks good? I saw him a few times in Vegas and he’s always seemed very kind to the fans that talk to him.

    and the whole misunderstanding of y’all thinking he was talking about Britney’s single and you hate on him for that. He has a small number of fans followers that care about his music too, so it’s natural that he would assume they meant his music. It was the fans fault again for setting themselves up for disappointment.


  6. I’m happy her personal life is in a good place. But Britney the performer doesn’t have much to offer anymore. There’s no progression as an artist. Atleast that’s what it looks like. She may surprise us one of these days.

    Even though britney is more popular and has a bigger fan base, I can’t imagine what she’ll do in the long run compared to xtina. I know Britney would probably love to retire. But Atleast xtina has vocals to fall back on. She can be 60 and sing her songs but would it be weird for Britney to lipsync to 40 year old vocals in sexy outfits? 

  7. 5 hours ago, MyQueenBritney said:

    Dancers that left: Sohey Sugihara, Morgan Choice, Sophia Aguar and Lilliana Blackburn

    Replacements: Dakota Adan, Deirdre Barnes, Gakenia Muigai and Aja DePaulo.


    There might be some replacements during this European Tour, as Nikki Paramo is currently dancing for Demi Lovato (but she could leave and come back to Britney) but other than that everyone else seems to have a clear schedule. 

    I only really noticed sohey being replaced by Dakota.

    but I did fall in love with aja and gakenia.

    i know sohey left for madonna, did they just fire the girls or did they move on to better things?

  8. I agree! Honestly I could care less about the billboard charts but I do want britney at the top of the iTunes Charts. It’s exciting to see her drop a song and be at the top but if Ariana is the competition...

    i don’t think she’d be able to do it. The younger kids love Ariana. The gays that love britney tend to love Ariana as well. Ariana has Nicki on the track so that’s more people buying/streaming the song.

  9. It’s her name. Honestly the show isn’t really worth it. She doesn’t sing live, interact with the audience, half asses choreo some nights.

    but u bet my ass is going to my 5th “piece of me” show. It really is the energy of the live band, her dancers and fans that bring it to life. Love hearing my favorite songs in that atmosphere.