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  1. I love being on exhale and realizing that a good portion of Britney’s fanbase are ignorant to these issues.

    Also when white people turn things around make it seem like they’re being discriminated against. You are very lucky because people of color have to deal with things you’ll never experience in your life.

  2. I was watching Wendy Williams and she mentioned next year will be in Atlanta and that Bruno mars suggested a hip hop act. I think that there’s a point there.

    But if Britney were to do it next year, How can we make it make sense with Atlanta?

    i say bring TLC out to perform baby one more time with her. Lol idk just trying to find a surprise guest that makes sense.


  3. I still consider lady Gaga’s Joanne tour one of my favorite tour experiences. She performed at citified here in nyc. It was and outdoor venue and it was raining hard. There was a delay but she still came out and served live vocals, choreo, great costumes, and personal interaction with the audience. 

    I’ve seen britney during the circus, femme fatale, and piece of me. Piece of me has to be my favorite of the 3. When I compare to other pop concerts I’ve been to I’m disappointed mostly with the live vocals and the great crowd interaction. I like when they talk to the audience. My favorite  being Mariah Carey. But when I think about my love for britney and being in the moment I don’t care. She will always be my fave I just wish I made my own money back in the day to see the onyx hotel or dwad live.