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  1. Should she do performances with wind machines?

    I noticed the femme fatale tour had it, it just didn’t work.

    He doesn’t need anymore. When Britney has the boys, she spoils them. 20,000 a month for each kid is good enough. Kevin just needs the money to pay for the rest of his kids. im usually team Kevin because I think y’all hate on him without seeing Britney’s faults. But in this case, he being selfish.
  3. I had the game for my ps2. Can someone clear up, it was definitely not Britney’s voice right? It sounded more like Fe. But I know britney promoted it with a commercial so she must’ve known about this game.
  4. Presale code merch

    lol I need something new. i have that image on a hoodie from urban outfitters i also have that image on a tanktop I bought in Vegas. prays for something new.
  5. [Piece of me World Tour] Who, where, what ?

    I was just hurt thank you for doing this btw
  6. [Piece of me World Tour] Who, where, what ?

    Why did you ignore my post! I see you updated with people who posted after me.
  7. [Piece of me World Tour] Who, where, what ?

    NYC - July 23 - Orchestra 3
  8. What did you think of the 55 hour marriage?

    Lol I remember being 13 or 14 at the time and people making fun of her. i laughed it off thinking it was part of the adult britney image but I was devastated inside. I was like whyyy britney?!
  9. Why Piece of Me tickets are so expensive?

    What happens when those scalpers can’t sell their tickets? If you look at Ticketmaster for the ny shows it’s almost all verified resale and there’s a lot.
  10. Sometimes Music Video (behind the scenes)

    And a lot of that choreo we never saw in the video or in life performances - bring it back!!!
  11. Now That I Found You could be a hit single

    My favorite song off Britney jean other than work bitch.