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  1. Look like Britney?

    Everyone just keeps commenting about how the girl hosting looks like Britney lol i can somewhat see it
  2. Look like Britney?

    It’s so crazy
  3. Britney a painter ?

    Does anyone have a hq pic of her painting? I want to have it printed and framed as a Xmas stocking stuffer for a friend
  4. I swear it could’ve been bigger if it had a music video and promo when it was first released. she needs to give it the recognition it deserves.
  5. Britney Singing What Child Is This

    Merry britmas!
  6. Should Britney have background singers as dancers?

    Lol no cuz then it would be obvious they’re more talented than her.
  7. Rumour Of The Day

    Lol he never accepted my request to follow him on insta.
  8. Gosh I never thought it would be so hard. I can’t choose I live for pop girls. Britney is the clear number 1 though. Can’t choose the rest.
  9. Britney Queen Of Shock

    this video. I was shocked because I was expecting something else.
  10. which exhaler is this?

    Im triggered
  11. The only time we needed pitched vocals

    I was like who is this.
  12. omg have you guys seen this pic before?

    Is that Kylie Jenner?
  13. Lol atleast he didn’t bash her and her team for ruining his vision for make me.
  14. Oops my bad I just checked Ticketmaster for jlo and they are cheap. It’s weird because I remember looking it up sometime this year and they were more expensive than Britney’s. And obviously Britney’s prices are through the roof now because the show is ending but I was able to be in GA for like 160. It’s like 200+ now.