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  1. http://www.justjared.com/2017/07/24/bachelorette-contestant-demario-jackson-asked-out-britney-spears-in-2008-it-didnt-go-well-video/ the video was kinda sad but when she hugs him around2:30 it's cute
  2. i miss you so much
  3. Could she still be in Tel Aviv?
  4. Getting ready for ha new nose or mouth. or maybe brunetteney
  5. That's all that they have to ship I guess. They had small when I ordered mine a few days ago. You can see if they have your size at your local store.
  6. https://instagram.com/p/BW3E37ulXPa/ so cool!
  7. Target>>> but they don't play music so yass walmart
  8. Did you just get yours in the mail too? lol I ordered it as soon as @CristMont made this thread.
  9. I just received my order. It's a decent shirt for the price. The label is the same as the one on her vegas merchandise I have. Britney Spears collection with her official website. I'm honestly satisfied with this for the price.
  10. Ugh this kind of performance is what glory could have a nice medley. Start with one of her mid tempo songs and go into something more energetic. We need a full choreographed performance.
  11. I wish britney would model her performances after Janet again. britney was cool because she was inspired by Janet as a performer. idk where her new style of performing came from tbh.
  12. You're such a smart person in every aspect of this forum. Good on ya. I look up to you tbh.
  13. Im looking to fly into Vegas for one night and do the m&g. if I get a flight that flies in at 5:30 and try to get situated in my hotel, will I have time for the backstage tour? does anyone know how early the backstage tour starts?
  14. I want this too. I always considered confessions to be a better comeback era than hard candy. Am I wrong? Sorry not a big madonna fan so Idk