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  1. naturalplayboy

    news Fall In Line Is Falling Fast

    All I know is, the fall in line video was good! And I’m ready to see the liberation tour.
  2. Serving slumber party lewks!
  3. Where’s this from? Crop top and pants I’m here for it!
  4. naturalplayboy

    other What is Britney's most iconic line?

    It was (very) cool
  5. naturalplayboy

    tour How do i become the freakshow victim?

    Be hot, be early and don’t look like an obsessed stalker fan. i unfortunately do not meet the first criteria so never got chosen the 4 times I saw her in Vegas.
  6. I just noticed on my Facebook timeline that a lot of the threads on here are being opened to the public via the breatheheavy Facebook. What are your thoughts on the things you post here being open to everyone?
  7. naturalplayboy

    music Just Like Me the music video

    She can f**king have you lmaoooo she deserves an Oscar for that delivery