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  1. GLORY on new Gaga documental!

    Watched it last night and freaked. but seriously after seeing this and seeing her in concert last month, I want to stan for ha. such a talent and so smart.
  2. Iconic: Janet, J.Lo And Britney Would Be Fire

    did britney and janey wear something similar to the 2001 vmas? also funny how in the performance pictures, they use one that is 16 years old for britney. isnt that telling about her performance skills?
  3. They must have stanned the whole package. You can't deny Britney's career had a lot to do with an image.
  4. .

    Looks like something Britney's team might put out. Nice work making it look official.
  5. The best dancers Britney ever had...

    Jose is foineee. Hes in the new fifth harmony video for he like that. he also directs and films. He did Betty who's human touch video.
  6. [VIDEO] M&G Experience in Singapore

    I love this and you are very cute
  7. DO Britney's dancers know the choreo is whack?

    Lol it was Dakota. He's getting a head start at searching for a new job after Pom ends I guess. But I could be overreacting and it could've been an audition for a different style of dance which he hasn't done in many many years.
  8. lol I just saw one of Britney's PoM dancers snaps and he was all sweaty looking like he put in work and said I just got done with a dance audition and I haven't danced like that in many many many years. lol do the dancers even think that piece of me choreo is for beginners? i mean I don't think the dancers choreo is that easy they're bodies are just used to it now. Or is this shade?