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  1. Honestly part of the draw of me paying to see the show over and over is seeing and meeting some of her dancers. They're so nice and they actually interact with the fans and acknowledge them on stage. love Michael Steins real man body. He's still hot even if he doesn't have rock hard abs and huge ass muscles like Willie or Jae.
  2. Those girls do their own hair and makeup. And this whole thread just makes me sad. At this point, it's like we're stanning for a brand. It's like you're stanning for "Britney Spears" for namesake and not her talent. To see the comparison between passion and going through the motions. Sarah Michelle is amazing. I get Britney's been through a lot but it's like to see dedication there's a real difference. All of Britney's dancers have been snapping and instagramming at Asian tour rehearsals I sure hope Britney is there with them and not showing up 1 week before they travel. Apple music festival feels? When her dancers literally blocked off places and took her hand to tell her where to stand and certain parts of songs. I can't.
  3. I think I remember there was a stain like cum or something
  4. I agree I consider that event the return of a healthy Britney but her hair still bothered me
  5. The question of at what expense to her image. I mean I think the General public already puts her in this trashy slutty box. It wouldn't make a difference imo. I mean she definitely hasn't done trashy like xtina dirrty video but I feel like everyone doesn't differentiate between the kind of sexy.