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  1. She has to pull out her goods working with Max?! Isnt he friends with Dr. Luke?
  2. but she says "supposably"
  3. i mean only us fans know where its from.
  4. Lmaoo do you have receipts
  5. lol i was literally just watching opening night videos. i think the fact that it was something new and fresh had me very excited. there are some parts where the choreography looks sharper than now (baby/oops medley) but there are also parts where she's improved, looks more fluid, doesn't look like she's thinking too much. Opening night, the show looked well put together with the themeing and the wigs. Looking at the show now, each act isn't cohesive with the looks. Her hair is always messy. Ugly wristbands. Even though she knows how to do her job now, It looks more like she's just showing up for the paycheck and doesn't care if they fire her because she can file for unemployment type of thing.
  6. Remember when she was the most followed person on twitter?