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  1. They barely post that now? If they knew, why didn't they say anything a few days ago?
  2. She looks pretty in the video, but I don't really like the song. Who is the man speaking in the background from? Is it from a movie/tv show?
  3. Maybe she and her team just waiting for the right time to make an official announcement about it? If she releases/says something now, it would just get jumbled or lost in The Carters release as well as Christina's release.
  4. LBoggie

    other Britney Featuring Panic! At The Disco?

    King of the Clouds would be an awesome song for Britney to be featured in a future remix. It's very Circus-era. Maybe they just recorded a remix that will be released later on? The actual song on the album is pretty short, so a remix would make sense.
  5. As long as it's not a soundtrack to like Hotel Transylvania 3, or something.