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  1. how much do britney's dancers get paid?

    I honestly don't think it's as much as you may think, but I'm pretty sure their hotel/boarding is paid and I'm sure they have some kind of meal allowance as well; maybe bonuses if they do "extra/over-time work" such as award shows and other random performances.
  2. I think with the energy and confidence she's gained with POM now, if she were to re-do this performance, it would be a lot more sharp and more energetic. She's finally gotten comfortable being in front of the camera again and is less anxious when she performs. Wade Robson did a really good job with the production and staging for this, as he always does. I think if he and Britney were to work together again in the near future for a tv performance or even a tour, they could create something really great.
  3. She got a standing ovation from Janet Jackson

    Great vocals, but I think the performance would've looked better with a regular mic, unless she was supposed to do more choreography and just got nervous?
  4. It shows that he actually does, in fact, follow her and probably has been since prior to her tweet. I don't find it shady at all. Her "fans" on here have said worse things than that about her IG posts lol.