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  1. I get annoyed about Britney Jean.

    BJ should have been an EP instead of an album. If it was an EP we could have Work Bitch, Hold on Tight etc. and our ears would never have had to listen to It Should Be Easy or Chillin With You.
  2. Holy trinity in my room

    OMG that wall looks so incredible!!
  3. Have you watched this again?

    Haven't even watched it once. I still don't understand how Lifetime can get away with making these so called biopics
  4. I know Camila is popular at the moment but pushed boundaries really? she's only been a solo artist for five minutes She was a in 5H before, she already had a fan base and large followers on social media so making a solo career was easy for her.
  5. [Piece of me World Tour] Who, where, what ?

    Aug 20th in Dublin, Standing