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  1. Post Your Favorite Pics and Gifs of Currentney

    Even if Britney was the main singer in the album (this sounds so sad) you won't like it as it'd be EDM anyways and the no EDM songs aren't good, tbh (just 2 or 3, maybe)
  2. Post Your Favorite Pics and Gifs of Currentney

    I'm not a fan of BJ either, I just like the EDM songs (Alien, Passenger and Perfume also). I'm gonna write just the songs that, in my opinion, are EDM and I'll write what I think of each one. Work Bitch: I LOVE IT, it's pure EDM (in fact, i downloaded to my PC an extended version because I needed more instrumental). I think you don't need to like Britney to enjoy this song, because the only thing she does on it is adding vocals to a EDM song. I'd like this song with other vocals. ISBE: Boring vocals, too much robotic effect and boring drop. Tik Tik Boom: it's kind of Trap, but I don't like it. Body Ache: I love the drop! I like the song itself, but overall the drop. Till It's Gone: I love the drop in this one as well. Now That I Found You: it reminds me a lot to Avicii's style, it's not bad but I don't like it I agree with "it's bad pop but good EDM". I hope that's what you wanted (I'm not good giving my opinion about things)
  3. Post Your Favorite Pics and Gifs of Currentney

    Same, she's the only singer I like, but I'm into EDM so I know a lot of DJs (but I don't consider DJs celebrities tho)
  4. Post Your Favorite Pics and Gifs of Currentney

    I thought in Dubstepney for a moment Really? I think he's the most overrated dubstep DJ, so he's well-known
  5. Post Your Favorite Pics and Gifs of Currentney

    What was she doing with Skrillex?
  6. What it's like to be me

    So do I! I need this type of outfits again
  7. SEXY OR A “SLUT”?

    THANKS! I hate the thought of: a woman being sexy = slut. Women are so sexualized that with everything they do they're gonna be call sluts.