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  1. Should she do performances with wind machines?

  2. Should she do performances with wind machines?

    Yeah that just blew her skirt up in IUSA. I mean more like Stronger AMA, or the FFT promo performance of TTWE with the wind!
  3. Should she do performances with wind machines?

    Exactly! She wouldn't have to keep fiddling with her hair!!!!!
  4. Do you think she'd dance better and look better dancing if she had very strong wind machines blowing on her?!?!?!
  5. Ahhh , well done for spotting that!!!
  6. the secret project = backdrop for tour?

    A secret, means a secret. We will never find out!
  7. What's the small error with the CGI?!
  8. What songs on Blackout do you think are your least favourite? I would say Everybody, Hot As Ice & Ooh Ooh Baby HAI & OOB used to be my jams when I was younger but now I'm older they're my least favourite.
  9. This GIF (Vegas opening ceremony)

    This haunts me. I was sleep deprived yet full of excitement. Such a horrible day
  10. What should not happen in 2018?

    Piece Of Me: Live in Concert. Scrap it. Build a new tour.
  11. Do you do this >>> out of excitement????? Just wondered if anyone actually gets excited by "Fifth Hundredth Fantasy"
  12. What do you guys think of Mannequin?

    Love it but can't understand a word tbh
  13. When was the dryest time to be a fan?

    2008/2009 were good years though right?!
  14. In your opinion, when was the dryest time to be a fan?! IMO I would say 2010 or 2014 PS. Can't include 2005-2007! That wasn't Brit's fault
  15. Best & Worst Videos of Each Era

    MATM has killer choreo though.. it can't be her worse Also, IWG is worst, and INAGNYAW is worst!