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  1. T4TS strikes again and reminds that Billboard is changing it's streaming count starting on the 29th this month... Maybe that's what Britney's team is waiting for? Billboad article: https://slate.com/culture/2018/05/billboard-hot-100-rankings-will-privilege-paid-streaming-over-free-starting-june-29.html What do you guys think? Is that a thing? I don't personally understand the changes, but maybe it would affect something...
  2. You guys, that's it, i'm done with the tweets!!! I'm just tired of this novel.... Everyday is a new rumor and 2 minutes later the desert comes.... What are your thought on this?! Is he talking about his own music?! God kill my anxiety.... My meltdown has come already...
  3. Remember the rumors about them having a song together?I know it doesn't seem much, but there was a post where he used the Britney Bitch phrase thing... Is there a small hint??? Or am I just going insane with the 29372 million songs rumored that Britney will have this year? Gosh, I think my Apple Pie meltdown has started... i'm seeing things... lol