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  1. Everybody

  2. What should not happen in 2018?

    Imagine That would be sooo Britney
  3. What is the thing that should not happen with Britney in 2018? Rule of the game: it has to be realistic. Bad choreos/costumes/lipsyncing to Sia's vocals are not plausible answers, as they will 100% happen. I'll start: panda eyes. The year of the panda is over already. Hope it's not too unrealistic
  4. Have you watched any of the PoM performances? Her voice is exactly like 20 years ago Anyway I think you can find your answer on the wiki page
  5. Current pop girls can't compare to this. The Britney-Pink-Christina-Beyoncé-Shakira generation had something more. These current girls just don't work
  6. POLL: How I Roll VS If I'm Dancing

    Can't choose, but I take them both over half of the singles Britney has released since 2011
  7. If one who doesn't know Britney watches this video could think she's a model or something. It's all about the looks for the first half, not a mention to the choreos or music. Also, putting the pepsi cameo with Beyonce in the same list as Baby One More Time and the VMAs performances...