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  1. Glory: World Tour Edition

    Say what you will sweaties, I’m speaking this into existence You might not hear me but the universe does and she’s gonna pass my knowledge on to Knee
  2. Glory: World Tour Edition

    Girl yes She should at least drop one single before this tour and why not a song from her third best album, Glory? The three I picked in particular still sound fresh imo.
  3. 1. Invitation 2. Make Me… ft. G-Eazy 3. Private Show 4. Man On The Moon 5. Just Luv Me 6. Clumsy 7. Do You Wanna Come Over? 8. Slumber Party 9. Just Like Me 10. Love Me Down 11. Hard To Forget Ya 12. Mood Ring (feat. DJ Mustard) 13. Better 14. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) (feat. Maluma) 15. Liar 16. If I’m Dancing 18. Coupure Électrique Singles: Mood Ring - February Change Your Mind (feat. Maluma) - June Liar - Late September