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  1. you can't handle the truth? so why you opened the thread?
  2. i know it sounds very stupid to say but at this point it's very clear that we are nothing for her. think about it sis: 2 minutes of live vocals in years since the starts of the Fart of Me, only because the media bashed her. that's the only reason. not for the fans that are paying, not for the show it self, for the media. i think they wants only to manipulate her reputation only to show to the court that she's doing "great." "hey, she's selling tickets on tour!" "hey, she's still making music!" "hey, she's very healty on instagram! look!" "i teach dance to kids!" "hey, she's happy with her sons!" "hey i'm doing great! free me now!" "hey i'm doing charity, so.. i'm a active member of the comunity now!" "i use the same top since 1941, i'm not spending money! see? i'm responsible now!" "salami gomezi is doing great for the gp? forget blackout 2, that's what can work with the general public. my fans can choke" At the end of the day, she wants only to bring home the results, good or bad it's the same because there's the fans that can find excuses for her. she's doing all of these things and i'm convinced that her lawyers use these bullshit to prove her improvements in front of the court. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU DID SOMETHING FOR US? THE LAST SELFIE WITH YOUR CURVED LIPS? I SING LIVE AND NOBODY GIVE ME THE CREDIT FOR IT?
  3. i agree, this one it's not that different from the original, soft make up can be a bless for her face
  4. i need help, send nudes sweetie i know, it hurts
  5. So, i'm a.... pro ? with photoshop and when i'm bored i like to make these edits just for fun I know, i need a life but whatever, let's see what i created bitches and then you can drag me if you want i used the same expressions from circusney / 2009ney, these comparison are very realistic (but not perfect) so prepare yourself because it's shocking Pre-Grammy Gala 2017 Radio Disney Music Award 2017 (OMG THIS ONE LOOKS AMAZING) VMA 2015 (she was fine already) Radio Promo in UK 2016 (her old smile WIG ) VMA 2016 (my favorite, looks real ) now i can finally go, bye bitches
  6. it's great comparated to make me and the last few video she did. but it's boring, lifeless and basic. only the last dance part was actually great you got it the quote lmao
  7. from this: and even this: to this: this is an alternate timeline or something like that? WHY BRITNEY?
  8. nothing can be worst than this look
  9. how? (face)

    i just miss her cute original face and i need to share my feelings
  10. how? (face)

    nope. these aren't scars to me but the original eyelids line but more visible because she's getting old, that's why she use botox now i think she just use botox on the forehead for the wrinkles and then the eyes looks more open but unnatural because they should be droopy with soft makeup the eyes can looks normal nowadays, the big issue are the lips / cheeks area we need help
  11. how? (face)

    i know she did, but i can't see these scars receipts please
  12. New IG

    sam looks like a kid without beard he still have beard in this pic, but looks like a baby
  13. how? (face)

    nope. they pushed the cheeks with botox for not having fat under the chin / neck. it's a common practice in hollywood.
  14. wtf macedonia means this in my language