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  1. ss0725


    I'm sorry but if Britney is going to connect with this younger generation, somebody NEEDS TO wipe her Instagram posts and start over. There needs to be more focused, concentrated and well thought out content. Don't get me wrong - I think one of the big appeals of her account is her quirkiness. But it is literally the EASIEST thing they could do - to occasionally put her in hair and makeup, take some nice photos around the house (or wherever she spenders her time...) and upload them. This generation bases EVERYTHING on social media and Instagram. And by constantly posting these raccoon eyed mom clothes photos with her hair a mess - mixed in with throwback pictures to WHEN HER TEAM ACTUALLY TRIED - it makes her come across as a major has-been. They NEED to reevaluate their approach to choreography. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, the woman does NOT need to be constantly moving for every second of every song (that's why we get the butt wipes and hair flips). Britney didn't become known for her dancing because she was constantly moving throughout an entire song. 1-2 dance breaks is ENOUGH. QUALITY over QUANTITY. HIRE JANET JACKSON'S CREATIVE DIRECTOR GIL DULDULAO. Her Billboard performance was great - she danced, she looked fierce, she was dressed appropriately, her dancers were on fire... I saw her SOTW tour (I was never a big Janet fan) - but man that tour changed my opinion on her. She made Britney look like a high school act. Music-wise, I honestly can't complain about the quality... say what you want - but GLORY was exactly what many of us were hoping she'd release. It was very timely (had those Selena Gomez, Bieber sounds) and was sexy mid-tempo where SHE SANG and SOUNDED GREAT. But for the love of freaking god NO MORE COLLABS. NO MORE COLLABS. Shall I say it again? NO MORE COLLABS. If Britney is goign to do promo (whether it's Kenzo or Pepsi)... PROMOTE IT. She looked hot, younger GP is big on Kenzo, and that was an opportunity for her that was completely missed. AHHH. I agree with OP she needs to just revamp her team. Didn't she fire Larry before she went on the M&M's tour? Her dancing was on point on that tour.
  2. I have zero receipts... but could it be some sort of new Pepsi Apple Twist commercial? Home girls face is plastered all over cans, bottles and cutouts - and Pepsi is sponsoring the tour... I have my doubts that a single is coming... but... Coke just introduced a whole slew of new flavored diet Cokes... not out of the realm of possibility that pepsi may do the same. I’d be here for it if it means she’s promoing her upcoming Pepsi Halftime Show...