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    COULD HAVE BEEN A #1 Its such a banger! It should have been promoted heavily and on the radio. But once again managment dropped the ball.. Which song on "Glory" do you think is underrated?

    I feel like DYWCO was an OK song but combined with a fun music video it would have been good! (The stems are amazing.)
  3. Is this Get Back CD single real?

    Have you guys heard the demo for "Get Back" Here is is
  4. Sometimes I think she

    I think she just honestly isn't comfortable in her own skin (not like she doesn't like how she looks) but WHO SHE IS. Like she doesn't want to be famous she's been quoted saying "I'm not really made for this industry, because i'm so shy. It's not something i deal with so well.." It could also be.. ADHD- when you don't take your meds and then suddenly start them again you have a total split personality. Then there's: Social anxiety, intense shyness, worry and nerves.. Then there's..Xanax, Zoloft and Prozac. I just hopes she finds a happy medium!