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  1. UPDATE 2 : He has a girlfriend. We Decided To Be Friends

    Sorry it didn't work out @Baekhoe. Go on them hot dates and get yourself some sweet lovin'
  2. Love the song so I am happy it's still acknowledged but I can't take them seriously when Farrah Abraham's made it to the list, what the hell?
  3. Piece of me in new orleans March 3rd

    Yeah, I hope those rumors are just born out of excitment about POM ending and not based on anything real. If she wants to tour, that's great but I wished she'd release new material first. As much as I love her existing discography, even a brand new GH show would still be stale at this point. At least, the Britney Live in Concert 2018 dates were removed from Wiki, so I have faith this is all bullshit
  4. New Residency in East Coast Next Year?

    Noooo, give the woman a break and when she is ready she should hit the sudios, make some new music. She is way too young to do yet again another show milking her previous hits And please, if it's true, let it be a completely different show and not a POM revamped, or I'll go batshit crazy