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  1. how? (face)

    Came in the thread just to upvote you, this is like what, the 3rd 4th thread about her face just this week? Although I have to give it to the OP, that gif with the comparison pic is great given just how similar the angle is!
  2. Ya'll I need to vent/need advice/good vibes

    Yassss, you deserve some lovin' that's for sure! Can't wait to hear about it, I want them details
  3. Seriously, like Britney was never shamed for enjoying/exploring/sharing her sexuality? From the minute she came onto the scene you had people screaming debauchery! People would tag her posters with words like whore and slut, come on now Bustle
  4. Ya'll I need to vent/need advice/good vibes

    I know it's hard but try not to think about it too much so you won't build it up in your head and get even more anxious! Relax and try to go to that date in the same kind of mindset as if you were meeting any other regular friend ( but yeah, it's obviously much easier said than done) But honestly, reading your posts and all you have an amazing personality, so be confident in that and take pride in who you are cause you are flawless baby Have the best of time, I'm certain it will be awesome!!
  5. Tove Lo's new album /BLUE LIPS/ OUT NOW!!!

    I noticed, why would they do that? We were all very civilized, last I saw it I wrote the last reply agreeing with you how sleeping your way to the top without consideration to the people it may affect negatively was not in the realm of feminism. Anyway, best we don't get talking about it again or they'll delete this thread too But yes, the book was Jean-Paul Sartre's La Nausée, one of my favorite book so I hope you will enjoy it!
  6. Tove Lo's new album /BLUE LIPS/ OUT NOW!!!

    But back to Tove Lo, the physical copies are still dropping on Nov.17?
  7. Tove Lo's new album /BLUE LIPS/ OUT NOW!!!

    Taylor's definition of artsty-fartsy maybe?
  8. Tove Lo's new album /BLUE LIPS/ OUT NOW!!!

    I really liked her voice on LWYMMD and the chorus was so good on that song, but the rest of the album is so disappointing, I wanted more of that aggresive Taylor. Anyhoo, I just never warmed up to her as a performer, she bores me what can I say And I feel you on the lyrics thing, that Gorgeous song has been playing a lot on the radio and last time I paid attention to the lyrics because I was bored at work and it felt like something a 12 yrs old girl scribbled in her diary about her school crush. People on here always want Britney to lyrically grow up and imo that applies to Taylor too, still acting like the high-school girl dramaqueen at 28 yrs
  9. Tove Lo's new album /BLUE LIPS/ OUT NOW!!!

    Well, Taylor Swifts threads are hits but they are filled with hate post mostly ( by me ) so I'd rather a flop threads for Tove Lo filled with love
  10. Britney mocking herself from Vegas

    Aww thank you so much, you are the best
  11. Tove Lo's new album /BLUE LIPS/ OUT NOW!!!

    I really hate when people leaks album especially for a relatively unknown artist like Tove Lo, let the girl get her coins dammit Love ha, and I can't wait to get my hands on that album
  12. Britney mocking herself from Vegas

    I don't know, flop fan again Is there a video of that game?
  13. Britney VS Xtina Looks over the years

    I can understand the comparison between their carreer ( both did MM club as children, then started with bubblegum teen pop hits, switched to a sexualised image to shed the sweet disney girl persona, etc) but their appearances? To me, it's like comparing apple and oranges, given how they are both very beautiful but it's a completely different kind of beauty, Britney is a soft-featured doll-like beauty while Christina has strong, sharper feature that have a 40s movie star siren allure to them. Both gorgeous women, but very different looks.
  14. Right? When I saw her getting an award from Lagarfeld I thought she stopped eating knowing how difficult he is whenever a woman has one and a half pound more than what he deems ''beautiful'', but looking back the whole Circus promo months she was uncharacteristically ( I know I just butchered that word, I'm a bit tipsy) thin! Also,as for the nose, when you get a nose job your skin will be swollen anywhere from 6 to 18 months and even years after it can swell a lot a lot if you exercise too much, cry a lot, etc, but except for her weight I don't really see big differences facially between 2007-2008, except her eyes maybe? Still gorgeous though!
  15. Why are all those non-related Britney news in the Britney forum? What baffles my mind is that, they'll first be in the Breaking Music News and then I'll find them in the Britney forum, why???