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  1. The Good Place [Spoilers]

    Thanks luv, will definately do
  2. The Good Place [Spoilers]

    Work has been riding my ass non-stop for the last 2 weeks, on the brink of a nervous breakdown but I will catch up this weekend thanks to gastroenteritis, never been this happy to be sick Can't wait to discuss some more about this little gem of a show
  3. Mariah Carey Is Recording New Music Right Now

    Thank the Lord, she looks like she is such on a good track right now, getting rid of that sabotaging c*nt Stella was the best thing she could have done
  4. Everything about this is so much better than the Offset version, what is wrong with her label? She came off as a Rihanna wannabe in the video with Offset, let her be her own person jeez