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    WomanizerCircus reacted to MyQueenBritney in Britney on Wendy Williams today...   
    Although I will admit that I do watch Hot Topics,  I'm so over Wendy constantly shading Britney. 
    I don't think Britney and Jamie Lynn get enough credit. Both ladies went to rough patches and are in great places now.
    Britney was labelled as crazy during her breakdown and was shamed for every choice she made. People said her career was over and yet she's gone on to have four  Top 5 albums,  three No 1 singles and six Top 10 singles, a successful Vegas residency and she's now going on tour in Europe and is the new face of Kenzo. She's kept her personal life and her children's lives private and doesn't throw herself into publicity stunts like others today to stay reverent and doesn't go round throwing disses at other artist's.
    Jamie Lynn was branded as a slut and a bad role model by the media. She kept herself away from the spotlight during her pregnancy and after she gave birth, she moved to Nashville to live a quiet life with her daughter. She could have had her own reality show or become a socialite but she became a songwriter. She could've used her last name to get places but instead she worked her way up to have her place in country music. She released her EP back in 2014 (which is amazing by the way). She's now happily married and is expecting her second child with her husband. 
    I have grown up watching both  Britney & Jamie Lynn and as a fan I couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments and success but most of all of their humbleness and how they both have never lost touch of where they came from. 
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to Chaoscontrol in Britney on Wendy Williams today...   
    Omg I saw this over my grandmas house today 
    My grandma went on to call K-Fed a pig and said how he needs to get a job. She's so cute 
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to andrewjc18 in Britney on Wendy Williams today...   
    Omg!!! Wendy is seriously the most annoying person. She said she thinks Kevin should get $40,000 a month! Talking about he needs this money!!! Also said Jamie Lynn is not in the spot light and has 2 or 3 kids...wtf Wendy 
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to BOBIBCFBG in I want IT so bad!   
    Circus Tour was great but she was NOT at her peak again. I went for both N. American legs and in a lot of ways, FF Tour was actually better (I went to that live too).
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to Lilith SHIITTOOOOO in Britney lyrics for a neon sign?   
    "I smell your breath, it makes me cry"
    you're welcome
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to Dark.Knight in Britney lyrics for a neon sign?   

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    WomanizerCircus reacted to It'sSamB!tch in Britney lyrics for a neon sign?   
    "you have to wait and see"
    "fantasy limited scrapped maui edition"
    "I always sing live"
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to Sharkney in Britney lyrics for a neon sign?   
    “Two more years!”
    ”it just didn’t work”
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to Caroline77 in "3" performance looked like a lot of fun!!   
    i prefered this performance over DYWCO tbh
    It did seem like a lot of fun  

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    WomanizerCircus reacted to ICouldntThinkOfOne in Question about the 2007 Gimme More performance   
    I feel like they tried to make the FF tour performance that moment. It was very much produced to be a jaw dropping moment. Britney, however, acknowledges she's in a far better place now, so unless she reaaally wanted to make a statement, she won't do it. She's aware of what the songs visual image is, and knows fans (and the gp) love to hear it, but she's not too pushed on reimagining what it was, she just does it cause its fun now.
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to Filippo in Question about the 2007 Gimme More performance   
    I know that most fans hate it. Personally I kind of respect it because it's more iconic than my life 
    Anyway, whether you like it or hate it, my question is: don't you think that it's part of an unfinished "narrative"? I would like a remake of that performance with the same setting but with fierce choreo and attitude, at a Superbowl Halftime show for instance (let me dream). I think it would be a big FU to many people who make fun of her still today.
    What do you think?
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to Filippo in Make Me already sold 2 million copies WW   
    With Make Me I feel different than with other Britney songs/singles. I don't care how much it sold. I like it so much that I'm just grateful we had a handful of decent performances for that song. It deserved that spotlight. And it's a hit in my heart anyway, so... 
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to selectual in Make Me already sold 2 million copies WW   
    It's great, considering the fact that the song has no video 
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to Chaoscontrol in Britney is TO relevant   
    Was just driving and the host on the radio came on and said "Britney Spears' writer came forward and said what it's really like to work with her. You can check that out at blahblah.com! We've got Toxic for ya now!"
    and Toxic followed to play and make my day even better
    I'm driving home from the bank, soaking in the good vibes of this beautiful Monday. I flip to another station and I Wanna Go was playing. I haven't even heard that on the radio since like 2012. 
    Tl;dr: Britney is still relevant ya'll
    Can you tell I'm bored? 
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to Dripping For Britney in NYC BRITNEY FANS   
    I went to their Madonnathon in October and I was thrown out during Open Your Heart 
    I'd lost my shoes and thrown up in a pitcher but I still had another 45 minutes in me 
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to HuffingAndPuffingOnStage in NYC BRITNEY FANS   
    Let's all go to Pyramid Club this Sunday (tomorrow)! For their "It's Britney Bitch" party that they have every Sunday! We can request a bunch of Britney songs! see you there!
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to Sharkney in Secret Project preview   
    Personally I always enjoyed the runway-ney videos she has posted, except for one thing....
    Keep those childish overly-surprised faces far far away.  Imagine if she did that for Kenzo? 
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to Doug in Secret Project preview   
    And now her domestic runway shows for Hannah Spears landed her a deal with a major designer brand. When would Gisele Hasbeenchen?

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    WomanizerCircus reacted to Trentals in Album Titles....   
    X was the name of Kylies 10th album, so nooooo
    Best: Circus (loved the theme! plus her life had been a bit of a circus that year)/ Oops!...I Did It Again! (cause OOPS! She slayed our lives again )
    Worst: Femme Fatale (she was anything but a femme fatale at that time )
    B10: something simple like she did with Glory. Like "Pulse" or something like that. 
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to Inherzone in Album Titles....   
    "Not a woman, but yet a mom"
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to Duabhit in Album Titles....   
    Best :  In The Zone / Blackout
    Worst : Britney Jean / Femme Fatale
    B10 : Fantasy (The Album Edition)
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to Chaoscontrol in Album Titles....   
    Best - Blackout, Circus, Femme Fatale
    Worst- BOMT, Britney, Britney Jean
    Britney/Britney Jean aren't awful, but two self titled albums? Ehhhhh. Plus I'm just not big on self titled CD's 
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to LostInAnImage in Album Titles....   
    I agree that it would otherwise be cool but Ed Sheeran had a huge album entitled X (even though technically it stands for ”multiply,” it looks the same and was recent). He's so big currently that the comparisons would definitely be there:

    As far as the question from OP, Britney Jean was a really lame album title since she already had a self-titled album. In contrast, Blackout and Femme Fatale were great; both represented the lyrical content of their respective tracklists very well. 
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    WomanizerCircus reacted to PrinceAli89 in Album Titles....   
    Agree, it's not very original but would be a cool title.