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    MmmDani reacted to storm in Diamond Certificated Albums   
    Outrageous really ruinied everything 
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    MmmDani reacted to Alex_1991 in Taylor Swift working on a Slave 4 U remake   
    or a singer either
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    MmmDani reacted to overprotectedd in RUMOR: B10 Coming Out 2018 With A Big Bang?!   
    Lol she'll prob release a greatest hits album and have a baby w sam
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    MmmDani reacted to joe sp in Currentney with the face of Circusney / 2009ney   
    sis stop, I can´t handle this 
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    MmmDani reacted to Margaery in Currentney with the face of Circusney / 2009ney   
    You're too bored. 
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    MmmDani reacted to Goku in Currentney with the face of Circusney / 2009ney   
    So, i'm a.... pro  ?    with photoshop and when i'm bored i like to make these edits just for fun 
    I know, i need a life but whatever, let's see what i created bitches and then you can drag me if you want

    i used the same expressions from circusney / 2009ney, these comparison are very realistic (but not perfect) so prepare yourself because it's shocking 
    Pre-Grammy Gala 2017 
    Radio Disney Music Award 2017 (OMG THIS ONE LOOKS AMAZING) 
    VMA 2015 (she was fine already) 
    Radio Promo in UK 2016 (her old smile WIG )
    VMA 2016 (my favorite, looks real )
    now i can finally go, bye bitches

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    MmmDani reacted to Godney's Sweet Ass in Let's Play The "How Would They Mess It Up" Game   
    HWTMIU? The mic is literally unplugged and Myah sings live from behind a screen while Britney lip syncs badly 
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    MmmDani reacted to ovoxo in Let's Play The "How Would They Mess It Up" Game   
    She starts a new residency, uses a hologram from 2001 instead of attending. She insists "I always dance live. It pisses me off cause nobody gives me credit"
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    MmmDani reacted to DJSLAYZEE in NEW IG POST - JLO sent Britney shoes   
    JLO: oh honey, what are those?
    britney :

    Jlo: Lemme hook you up sis
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    MmmDani reacted to BoyToySoldier in NEW IG POST - JLO sent Britney shoes   
    Can JLO send her entire wardrobe too? 
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    MmmDani reacted to Hannah in Is Britney really getting rid of CHARM for the next era tho?   
    I doubt it.
    The real question is whether there will be a next era?
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    MmmDani reacted to Chaoscontrol in Rename Each Glory Track   
    Since we're all bored as hell, I figured lets do something I saw on another forum. Give each track from Glory a new name! 
    I'll start: 
    Love (All Over Me)
    Nobody Should Be Alone
    Heart On Fire
    Show For One
    After Dark Lover
    Keep It Simple
    Bumpin' and Bangin'
    Sleepless Night
    Down, Down, Down...
    Somethin' About Cha!
    What You Want
    Better and Better
    Cross the Line
    The Music's Good
    French Lullaby 
    What can ya'll come up with?
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    MmmDani reacted to ATWK in Rename Each Glory Track   
    Make Me... -> Make Me

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    MmmDani reacted to Body ache in In The Zone +|- (Game) [Toxic Wins!]   
    Toxic - 350 (+)
    Touch Of My Hand - 200
    The Hook Up - 0 (-) 
    Everytime - 160
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    MmmDani reacted to Anita d*ck in In The Zone +|- (Game) [Toxic Wins!]   
    Toxic - 340 (+)
    Touch Of My Hand - 200
    The Hook Up - 05 (-)
    Everytime - 160
    @Body ache take it home baby, let's enjoy this moment
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    MmmDani reacted to PokemonSpears in In The Zone +|- (Game) [Toxic Wins!]   
    eeew really? this is what's left?
    Toxic - 240+
    Touch Of My Hand - 160
    The Hook Up - 145 - 
    Everytime - 160 
    ya'll are horrible, where's MATM, BOM, DHU?
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    MmmDani reacted to I Always Sing Live in Her Wikipedia Portrait Has Been Updated   
    Her old Wikipedia portrait:

    Has been replaced with this one: 

    (Apple Music Festival 2016)
    Is this new? I'm pretty sure it was changed very recently! I'd say that's an upgrade minus the awful outfit! 
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    MmmDani reacted to Spearsfan in Mona Lisa   
    The songs we have heard from OD are very iffy. 
    Some are way better than others but most of them would not have made a strong album.
    Also would have made an impact to possibly not get BO (which is obsessed over on here
    I do love ML and it's eerie that it all happened to her 
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    MmmDani reacted to Innocentney in I was listening to glory on my way to work.....   
    Yes sis you’re basically inviting a guy to enter your butt
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    MmmDani reacted to Godney's Sweet Ass in Is this the longest Britney has gone without a HIT single?   
    I'm not shocked. She doesn't deserve a hit single. It's like she goes out of her way to avoid having a hit single (See: Ruining original Perfume and Make Me videos. Not promoting Slumber Party. Choosing to record and release Pretty Girls. Never performing Work Bitch until POM when the single and album were both dead.)
    Her self-sabotage is off the scale. 
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    MmmDani reacted to ShowdownITZ in In The Zone +|- (Game) [Toxic Wins!]   
    Early Mornin’ and The Answer were eliminated

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    MmmDani reacted to WilderWein in "Best of" Britney Jean Era   
    If we help he’ll get pics he didnt find or didnt think of, rude ass.
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    MmmDani reacted to falka in Why IWG has that many views?   
    She was promoting everywhere 
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    MmmDani reacted to danny1994 in Britney needs her suicide song   
    That’s none of our business, if she feels like delving into that topic that’s her decision.