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  1. Singles:

    1.) Make Me (MV is the original and it drops at the same time has the single)

    Then I'd have a hype promo, I'd release Circus (all 18 tracks) for free on iTunes, because it's the most likeable to the GP. So people would download it and be like yeah Britney's p good.

    The I'd release promotional singles (DYWCO, Private Show (again with the perfume), Clumsy and Love Me Down) each would have a short 30 second video as like a glory trailer that would play regularly on tv.

    2.) Change Your Mind (my probably just a basic dance one with a Spanish theme)

    Performances of the new singles on SNP and other talk shows 

    3.) Liar (mv literally Britney as a cowgirl hunting down the "liar" in the Wild West)

    Album Drops

    4.) If I'm Dancing (Mv maybe Brit as a samurai slaying some hoes? Idk)

    5.) Mood Ring (mv a really psychedelic dance scene in 

  2. I was thinking about what I would do if I was Brits manager to get her more publicity

    I would put on a show for each album with live vocals and she wouldn't announce it she'd just show up there. She would wait a month in between each performance 

    BOMT- I'd have her show up in a mall and perform every track live (opening with BOMT and closing with Crazy) and she'd only dance for Baby and Crazy.

    Oops- A Café has a live performance advertised with an anonymous band (but it's Brit). And she shows up and sits down on the stage and performs every track from Oops (incl. B-Sides). She opens with ICGNS and closes with DLMBTLTK and does all the ballads last. Then she auctions off an interview with her and donates the money to charity. She then takes a break and does the interview for half an hour. Then for the finale she performs Stronger followed buy DGKOMD followed by OIDIA, she dances for all three.

    Britney- At a random (reasonably popular) music festival. She's the mystery guest. Walks out onto the stage in silence and does I Love Rock'n'Roll. Then she trudges through the tracks (dancing for Anticipating/Lonely). Then as the finale she does BTG and Boys with basic choreo. And the last track is Slave with prime choreo (this would be the focus of all her practicing and I probably wouldn't be completely live cause of the choreo)

    ITZ- At a big music festival. (I fell like the track listing is obvious, but she includes MP and Chaotic tracks)

    Blackout- At a strip club (again, obvious track listing)

    Circus- (A random circus tent appears in Central Park and remains there for a week, it says the date and time of the event on the side of it). That builds up natural hype. An actual circus performs for about an hour (it's a free performance btw). Then they announce that the actual, performance will start soon. The entire circus breaks out into a five minute long dance and are interrupted by the KTL intro. Then Brit comes out and finishes the song, followed directly after by Circus. Then she talks for a few minutes. The show closes with Womanizer (Out from under right before). She does basic choreo throughout and primeney choreo for Womanizer. 

    Femme Fatale and Britney Jean- She does a night club or Ibiza performance with will.i.am of all the uptempo dance tracks from the albums (most of them)

    Then a low-key performance (Like Oops and BOMT) of the slower tracks like Alien/BMS/Criminal 

    Glory- Then the finale is in Times Square where she performs the lead single to B10 as the encore

    Then she waits 3 months and does the second single on 3 or 4 talk shows. Then the album drops a month later with a Best Of Performance and the new singles at the VMAs or Billboards. Then a third, fourth and fifth single.

    She would've appeared on SNL or Ellen or something for Christmas and done My Only Wish and a new Christmas promotional single just before the Glory performance 


  3. 1 hour ago, Alex_1991 said:

    01 Circus (the obvious perfect opener)

    02 Womanizer (energetic song, great for #2)

    03 Kill the Lights (it fits very well after woma)

    04 If U Seek Amy (great uptempo, a nice break between the serious ktl ad sg)

    05 Shattered Glass

    06 Unusual You (a little softer after going pretty hard for the first 5 tracks)

    07 Mannequin (it's strong enough to be upper in the track list, and it's a nice change of pace after unusual you)

    08 Amnesia (such a great uptempo. Another nice break after three really serious songs)

    09 Quicksand (I really don't think this is a masterpiece, but it's nice enough to fit in the main tracklist in this position)

    10 Blur (moody yet sexy. It fits this place perfecly in the tracklist)

    11 Lace And Leather (this song is really underrated. It's sexy, fun and really catchy).

    12 Out From Under (I'm really not a fan of this song, mainly because of her horrible vocal performance in it. But it's the only ballad, and it's a perfect closure)

    With this tracklist the album would have been full of hits after hits. No fillers and no mediocre songs.


    13 Mmm Papi (it's a fun song, good enough to be a bonus track)

    14 Trouble (it's a decent uptempo, but way too similar to get together from Madonna)

    15  Phonography (sexy song, I don't think it's strong enough for the main tracklist)

    Rock Me In is awful
    Rock Boy should be deleted from Earth.
    I don't dislike My Baby, but it's really too cheesy lol
    Radar should have stayed in Blackout, that's its place.

    Special mention to a little masterpiece, Dangerous. Seriously, with finished vocals and album-worthy production it would have been a great song and a great single, almost Toxic - level.

    Love your reasoning but tbh I adore Rock Me In 

  4. Why in the world is "Kill The Lights" not the Circus opener?

    Mu track listing is:

    1.) Kill The Lights (This is the perfect intro)

    2.) Circus (seriously, listen to these two one after the other. It sounds incredible)

    3.) Mmm Papi (hate this song but it goes well here (like Radar))

    4.) Unusual You (This song is god tier and a break is needed after last three fast paced songs)

    5.) Lace And Leather (follows UY really cleanly)

    6.) Trouble (My fave)

    7.) Blur (Break)

    8.) If You Seek Amy (Need another banger and Blur fades out/IYSA fades in, so again it's a nice transition)

    9.) Shattered Glass

    10.) Phonography 

    11.) Rock Me In (Phonography ends with "Go!" And RMI kicks off straight away (it just works))

    12.) My Baby (Break (a really slow/beautiful one))

    13.) Quicksand (Builds up from the start)

    14.) Rockboy

    15.) Amnesia

    16.) Mannequin

    17.) Out From Under (another perfect break before the grand finale)

    18.) Womanizer (Ends on a high note and it doesn't really fit anywhere else imo)

  5. 4 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

    It's a very common comment in this place. How her older work is childish but it maybe dated sounding but her old lyrics are her most mature relatable music. 

    Oops was a repeat of BOMT. Some songs are still bubblegum pop on Britney but I think they were looking at it as a transition album. Going for a new crowd with Boys and Slave but still have a back up (keeping the old sound) and favs for the fans with Overprotected, Bombastic etc 

    But Slave and Boys do not transition well at all with things like anticipating sprinkled in between. They should've selected a direction to go in rather than compiling a mixture with a messy order

  6. 3 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

    The only thing I would change is Crossroads being separate from Britney.

    I think both would have been just as strong separate. 

    The Britney singles didn't do well because of radio ban and the push for selling albums.

    Im so annoyed when ppl say her older albums weren't mature. They are actually her most mature albums. ITZ is also very mature. BO and past that are her least mature albums. Exception of certain songs. 

    No one said that they weren't mature (ITZ sure as hell is) but Britney (2001) didn't know whether it was a sexy/cool dance album or a repeat of Oops

  7. 1 minute ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    Rock n Roll on ITZ? :eheeek:

    Personally, with the exception of certain tracks on every album her discography from Baby to Blackout is immaculate.

    Things were handled very perfectly, her career was molded and took center stage among all her competitors. Had Britney waited and not taken advantage of her popularity, she'd be playing second fiddle to Christina. If you wanted a second album in 2001, that means no Oops. No VMA 2000, no double diamond 1-2 punch, it's not a good idea.

    I think that she would have benefited from making Britney a tad more mature, but other than that it's fine. I would move some stuff around (WAYN moving to Baby, BNG to Britney, etc.) but I wouldn't change her career trajectory. There was really nothing wrong with her prime, the issue happened with how they handled Circus and beyond.

    The singles would still come out in 2000 but the full album would wait until 2001 

  8. All the tracks on Britney (2001) feel like they're from two different eras. Slave/Boys/Rock'n'Roll feel really fresh and different (compared to Oops and BOMT). The rest of the tracks are definitely more Oops era than anything new. So I think that she should've postponed Oops, because I think a second album with a similar sound to Oops would be overkill. So she should've released Oops (I think they could've come up with a better title ("Overprotected"?) and released the 12 best tracks from that album as a standard edition (Singles the originals from Oops and Overprotected) in 2001 and then in 2001(late)/2002 rerelease did the album as a 2 disc with the other tracks and INAGNYAW/ Before the Goodbye as the singles (with all the unreleased tracks from Britney and the Dream With In A Dream tour she could have 3 discs) (btw I'm including Intimidated/Right Now (Taste The Victory)/Walk On By/My Only Wish (This Year) (which would probably be another single)). 

    Then she could move onto release ITZ with Slave/Boys/MATM/Toxic/Everytime as singles (probably Toxic as lead this time followed by Slave/MATM/Everytime/Boys). The tracklist would be the same (with the additions of Slave/Boys/Rock'n'Roll and ATWK would be there) and she could have a 2 disc deluxe edition (still having like 20-30 unreleased tracks for a rerelease on the 10th Anniversary?). Then she could move onto the Original Doll with My Prerogative/Chaotic/Do Somethin'/Someday/OTYN as singles (Mona Lisa (I don't like it but most people do)/IJB(HMF) as promotional singles prior to release). And obviously she has so many unreleased tracks rumoured to be on the Original Doll that could make up the other tracks. 

    I feel like that way each of her albums would've had stronger Lead Singles (and that's what usually sells the album (case in point, Britney (2001) was considered a poor seller looking back at her previous two and I blame that on Slave not charting very well). Actually thinking about it My Prerogative didn't do that well did it? Any way if OD was going to e released they would've probably brought someone in to write a club banger to sell it (after My Prerogative and the other singles didn't  go to no. 1). I just think that that album structure would work better for her albums' sound. Britney just feels too messy with all the different track themes and sounds. 

    And title wise I think BOMT should've been the self titled album, the Oops/Britney mashup I would've called Overprotected and ITZ/OD are perfect titles.

    And in an ideal world I would've included a USB stick that contained all the Demos/Stems/Remixes/Unreleased Tracks from that album/era.



  9. 6 hours ago, If U Seek Me said:

    Imagine her performing in a mall. "And before we introduce Britney, let me tell you that Walmart has a special discount on toilet paper! And remember to take part in our contest to win this beautiful car. You want a Ford Fiesta, you better win, bitch!".


    The OP meant like posters and adverts, not performing

  10. 58 minutes ago, WilderWein said:

    Its like r o tt e n Tomatoes, dont take it too seriously. Not everyone in the whole wide world who listened to the album will vote.

    I don't think anyone takes either of those sites seriously tbh