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  1. 3 hours ago, It'sSamB!tch said:

    they usually record 30-40 songs and then select which ones will end up being on the album.

    As for leaks... BOMT era only has got 1 leak as well, Oops hasn't got any leak as I recall n'either.

    The only era's songs seem to leak from are those from Britney up till Blackout including OD. I mean, we nearly could make our own Original Doll album with the leaks from that era....

    I especially like the Britney and Blackout leaks as I think that's where her music truly stands out.

    Unbroken is a FF leak

    My Big Secret which a snippet leaked off, is believed to be a FF song too.

    Burning Up can be considered a FF leak as it was used for the tour.

    We have five tracks from Circus do we not?

  2. Thinkin' About You

    Can't Make You Love Me

    Before The Goodbye / Lonely

    Breathe On Me

    Heaven On Earth

    Unusual You / Lace & Leather / Trouble

    Trouble For Me

    Alien / Body Ache / Brightest Morning Star / Hold On Tight

    If I'm Dancing / CYM (NSC) / Liar / Better




  3. 4 hours ago, pinklilbabytee said:

    That's Lindsay Ellis. Her character 'Nostalgia Chick' was the female counterpart to 'Nostalgic Critic' (Doug Walker) who was famous on Blip back when Blip was a thing. Doug's thing was trashing old movies in a comedic way. The vids were OK. Lindsay was supposed to do the same thing for girly films but got bored of just trashing stuff for laughs. For the last few years she's been making video essays instead which are really good and mostly non-cringe: https://www.youtube.com/user/chezapoctube/videos

    The guy is Todd in the Shadows who does pop song reviews that are hilarious and worth watching: https://www.youtube.com/user/carlos10009

    I've been watching loads of Channel Awesome videos revenrly, but after that shade I think iI'll stop for a while

  4. Bitch is lucky comments were disabled

    "5 years of bad decisions" - between 2001 and 2006 there were some pretty things (ITZ anyone)

    and how can they say that the worst thing to ever happen to her was photographers snapping photos while she parties?

  5. BOMT - Thinkin' About You

    OIDIA - When Your Eyes Say It

    Britney - Before The Goodbye

    In The Zone - Breathe On Me. Touch Of My Hand and (I Got That) Boom Boom (all of them should've been singles (BOM and TOMH wouldn't have needed dancing videos so it could've been done after the knee injury)

    My Prerogative - IJB(HMF) should've been a proper single, Guilty Kiss should've been the fourth as well.

    Blackout - Freakshow (even though Heaven On Earth is my fave)

    Circus - Unusual You (followed by Lace And Leather)

    Femme Fatale - Trouble For Me

    Britney Jean - BMS, HOT, TIG and Body Ache

    Glory - CYM (NSC) followed by IID and Liar

  6. 1 minute ago, Theodor said:

    Great lost! But I think that certain songs from “In The Zone” like Money, Love & Happiness etc were meant for Original Doll 

     But it wasn’t confirmed I place them with the B&K Chaotic EP and My Prerogative

  7. 7 hours ago, Goku said:

    i'm obsessed with itunes! :anxiety:



    - B in the mix 1:

     Disc 1 - Original Release

    Disc 2 - Baby Remixes

    Disc 3 - Oops Remixes

    Disc 4 - Britney Remixes

    Disc 5 - In the zone Remixes

    - Same approach for B in the mix 2 

    I just dumped all the remixes together, but I like your approach so imma change it :bang:

  8. 56 minutes ago, IUSAtonight said:

    I don't think i have ever watched that


    27 minutes ago, DMVofficial said:

    I watched the video once i have no memory of the intro 

    It has a slightly longer intro 


  9. 33 minutes ago, MakeMeFweaky said:





    Work Bitch


    Scream and Shout

    Gimme More

    honorable mention to;


    I Wanna Go

    Slave 4 U

    Hold It Against Me

    Scream and Shout is just as recognisable as Toxic/BOMT/OIDIA/Womanizer And I’ve found that people who can’t name a song outside of BOMT and Toxic recognise WB when I play it to them

  10. 8 hours ago, storm said:

    I really like your list a lot! Do you have any songs pre-Blackout that you reccomend?

    I’m really into BOMT atm, but idk if the GP would accept some of the cheese

    Thinkin’ About You

    Deep In My Heart

    What U See (Is What U Get)

    Cant Make You Love Me



    Before The Goodbye 

    Breathe On Me

    Touch Of My Hand

    Early Mornin’

    Over To You Now (the whole Chaotic EP would be an interesting good place to start)

    And Then We Kiss...

    That’s quite a lot 

    (I would’ve added Trouble, but most of the people I’ve shown it to didn’t really like it)

    8 hours ago, storm said:

    I really like your list a lot! Do you have any songs pre-Blackout that you reccomend?