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  1. I was thinking about what I would do if I was Brits manager to get her more publicity I would put on a show for each album with live vocals and she wouldn't announce it she'd just show up there. She would wait a month in between each performance BOMT- I'd have her show up in a mall and perform every track live (opening with BOMT and closing with Crazy) and she'd only dance for Baby and Crazy. Oops- A Café has a live performance advertised with an anonymous band (but it's Brit). And she shows up and sits down on the stage and performs every track from Oops (incl. B-Sides). She opens with ICGNS and closes with DLMBTLTK and does all the ballads last. Then she auctions off an interview with her and donates the money to charity. She then takes a break and does the interview for half an hour. Then for the finale she performs Stronger followed buy DGKOMD followed by OIDIA, she dances for all three. Britney- At a random (reasonably popular) music festival. She's the mystery guest. Walks out onto the stage in silence and does I Love Rock'n'Roll. Then she trudges through the tracks (dancing for Anticipating/Lonely). Then as the finale she does BTG and Boys with basic choreo. And the last track is Slave with prime choreo (this would be the focus of all her practicing and I probably wouldn't be completely live cause of the choreo) ITZ- At a big music festival. (I fell like the track listing is obvious, but she includes MP and Chaotic tracks) Blackout- At a strip club (again, obvious track listing) Circus- (A random circus tent appears in Central Park and remains there for a week, it says the date and time of the event on the side of it). That builds up natural hype. An actual circus performs for about an hour (it's a free performance btw). Then they announce that the actual, performance will start soon. The entire circus breaks out into a five minute long dance and are interrupted by the KTL intro. Then Brit comes out and finishes the song, followed directly after by Circus. Then she talks for a few minutes. The show closes with Womanizer (Out from under right before). She does basic choreo throughout and primeney choreo for Womanizer. Femme Fatale and Britney Jean- She does a night club or Ibiza performance with will.i.am of all the uptempo dance tracks from the albums (most of them) Then a low-key performance (Like Oops and BOMT) of the slower tracks like Alien/BMS/Criminal Glory- Then the finale is in Times Square where she performs the lead single to B10 as the encore Then she waits 3 months and does the second single on 3 or 4 talk shows. Then the album drops a month later with a Best Of Performance and the new singles at the VMAs or Billboards. Then a third, fourth and fifth single. She would've appeared on SNL or Ellen or something for Christmas and done My Only Wish and a new Christmas promotional single just before the Glory performance Thoughts?
  2. It's a great song, would've been nice on Glory.