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  1. The Tel Aviv show was boring It was more of the same and the crowd was deader than her Vegas crowds. The only 2 good things about it was that Break The Ice was FIRE and over 50,000 for a country which she always shitted on is crazy, despite of how mnay excuses people find, like 'it was her first time'. This was the worst time in her career to visit the country and she did over 50k without even stepping in the country a televised performance. Any other era she would've done even more. And were't tickets sold out or nearly so? 2000-2009 she would easily get over 100k fans there.
  2. Let's not act like we have had a lot of stuff to talk about since the past few years This place is gonna be DEAD when POM ends until B10. I think we're all taking some breaks from here
  3. Does this mean he'll have less time to manage Britney's career?
  4. Oh hunny, still trynna beef with me? Give up and you won't win, I guarantee you Despite of how many times you say that magazines had more impact back then, they were never nearly as impactful as a social network with billions of users. Instagram gives a lot more exposure, hence why Beyoncé of course picked Instagram rather than a magazine, cause she wants exactly the attention. Good for her, she'll never even recah the peak of Gaga's fame, let alone Britney's, she does this because she lacked attention her whole career, yet it's still disgusting how she uses her kids for fame and exposes her life for streams and album sales. Oh okay, his mistake was 'you're' when he meant 'your' although he really believed it was written as 'you're' why are you embarassing yourself and your little friend even more? I just noticed 2 more mistakes in his post Go home and stfu girl you're embarassing and being slayed. But let's carry on, I'm not done answering your 19392635th dumb ass post. Stop lying you dumb sh*t, you wrote a huge ass paragraph saying your mistakes could still be correct in other contexts and sneaked in that you were wrong. Do I need to quote your post? You kept going on about it saying how they could still be correct if you said it with different meaning, but I didn't say the opposite so why the f*ck are you saying that? I didn't say they couldn't be used in other contexts so shut the f*ck ip and take the L and stop making excuses you p*ssy. And I guarantee you that you wouldn't speak to me like that in public. You P*SSY, we can all see that you just can't thank me for helping you but I don't need you to. I was being genuine and if you can't believe it than too bad for you, I don't give a damn. YOU were a p*ssy and a shady b*tch for the way that you spoke to me, I don't care if I was the first one 'calling names' you idiot, stop crying over that. You're so shook to the point that you had to downvote me Do people always get u cancelled around here you p*ssy? Funny how you jumped in just because someone else was already having an argument with me, because you could never front me by yourself and he left you and doesn't even give a sh*t about you defending him and now you ended up being slayed by a teenager and you're lonely
  5. I was actually joking Even tho I don't think her team was that happy about her acting as if she did much on stage and will surely keep an (extra) eye on what she says/posts.
  6. The residency kept it selling POM wasn't THAT bad after all
  7. Probably on Mars cause it wasn't on this planet
  8. Wasn't it 83m in 2008? It appeared at her X Factor intro...
  9. I mean she sure caused a lot of controversy trying to fool us that she has a little bit of playback As someone said somewhere, I think that might be the case. Does anyone agree
  10. I'd love her to outdo her previous performances at the VMAs... IMAGINE Yes it'll be hard, but not impossible.
  11. Those don't even look that bad... Plus she hasn't done much this year...
  12. Of course not, hun. That guy just has some messed up views. He acts as if he was a teen, when in reality he seems to be jealous of the teens around here.
  13. Why are you laughing about Remy only releasing one solo album when she went to jail for more than 6 years after that? If Remy hadn't gone to jail Nicki wouldn't be that big and Remy would be a lot more famous. Let me tell you that the reason why she had a fallout with Fat Joe back in 2006 was because he was in charge of promoting her album and didn't do stuff properly (but it was the label's fault) so TSAR wasn't even promoted and had 2 remembered hits. Conceited was more than a moderate hit, it wasn't a smasher but especially within Hip Hop Culture it was huge, everyone alive in that time at least remembers the beat. Remy just came out of nowhere, same way Slave flopped on the BB100 yet is still one of Britney's signature hits. You claiming that remy only shined with Shether is incredibly invalid as the peak of her career was when she released her only album, although she managed to get a double platinum hit last year after being a decade away from the public eye. Imagine Nicki taking a 10 year break and coming bach in 2027 Why are you trying to discredit All The Way Up claiming that, obviously according to you, most people didn't check it for Remy when most of Nicki's 'hits' feauture 2/3 people and a lot of times she ain't the bigger star? It's all backfiring on you. Let's not act like people checked it for French Montana or Fat Joe Lemme educate you because you clearly didn't do your homework right boo, Nicki did start with mixtapes, LIL WAYNE randomly found her and through him Jay Z caught his eye on his her, lil wayne is the one who put her out there, she had to open shows of several rappers, to become bigger within the Hip Hop Community, then a feat pulls feat and that's how she went mainstream, she tons on collabs in 2010 including Mariah, Xtina not to mention the other rappers, and a lot of them flopped but by being featured on songs from big stars she gained some exposure which them grew as she started collating herself to Pop artists and opened for Britney and got many Pop fans which she'd never get (according to her). You're comparing someone who needed Britneh Spears, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Rihanna and dozens more in the first 2 years of her career and releases stuff that sounded more like Pop than Rap. Imagine if Remy did that, Conceited would have exploded charts, it is very well known now imagine if Remy used the tacky gimmicks that Nicki used. I mean, they helped Nicki going mainstream, but you can't comoare their popularities cause one was a pu$$y and picked the easy way and the other one went the hard way. Except Remy's urban popularity outpeaked Nicki's, I don't think Remy will be as mainstream as Nicki, she does stuff by herself and doesn't need Pop and Rap veterans to lift her career up, plus Remy has been released from jail at the age of 34 so it's harder when you're in your thirties, although she is still bery young. Nicki should take the L and stop this, she started shading Remy back in the day when she was seeing Remy getting all the recognition that she was trying to get while dissing female rappers, screams jealousy btw. Remy congratulated her last year on her bet award as best female rapper IN WHICH REMY WAS NOMINATED TOO. Nicki kept shading her, then Sheter came out and murdered Nicki, Remy said IT. Beef should be over as one provoked and the other one clapped back, but no, Nicki waited weeks, gathered all the hood cause as I said she is a pu$$y, and had a promotional campaign, which is something that Remy didn't, and while getting Drake and Lil Wayne she didn't even manage to outpeak Work Bitch with her weak 'no frauds'. Did I mention she had to ask her team to get Shether deleted from most of the places where it was available? I love both Nicki and Remy but Nicki is like a Rap version of Beyoncé, they don't play it like everybody else, Nicki is a pu$$y and when she goes to the same events as Remy she even waits until Remy leaves to show up as then acts all hard, but thats not even my problem, she's just not humble, she has been exposed for trying to get Remy off red carpets and not to get awards. My question is... why is such a successful '''''rapper''''' SO insecure about someone who isn't as famous as her? To end this topic, please watch this. While at it search for 'Wendy Remy Ma' to see Wendy putting Nicki back at her place, and Nicki has been to the show
  14. I don't need to twist your words, you fool, you told him to leave and that he was too old for this. Next time explain your words better, if you supposedly have second meanings you dinossaur