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  1. Paris Hilton FB post

    shes the definition of has-been
  2. If she changes labels then she might have to do some promotion for once, god forbid
  3. She doesn't care about us.

    no really she doesn't care about her fans. if she did then she would charge £2000 for a meet and greet. She would charge way less and actually have conversations with the people who paid their hard earned money to see her. the fact she has told security to tell people not to touch her when they meet her says it all. sorry for the rant guys i'm on a mad one x
  4. She doesn't care about us.

    i ask myself why were all here when all she does is treat her fans like sh!t
  5. sorry for bumping this old af thread but i cant let queen rachel fade into irrelevancy x shes currently on a break working on a new album that will be guaranteed to go diamond x after she releases it she will go onto her sell out sugar walls tour in 2018 x
  6. Ombreney for next album?