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  1. Sorry if AP but @popfactsnews on Twitter which is known as the only genuine tea account spilled some tea on Britney over the last few days. They tweeted that Team B told them to stop posting Britney tea but I think the tweet got deleted as I can no longer find it. This must mean that their info is partly or completely true. The full list of tweets are as follows:
  2. Britney's satin dress cost only $25

    1. It makes you look trashy which isn't a good look, especially when you're a 30-something year old mom that's in the media. 2. Cheap and revealing
  3. Britney's satin dress cost only $25

    I mean theres nothing wrong with wearing regular clothes as a celebrity, not everything needs to be designer or cost thousands of dollars but that dress is horrible. She looks like a prostitute I wish I could dress her